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[FS] 9900K's( 6,83 & 6.89R15)!


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Up for sale best two cpu's  i found from a recent 20+ binning spree.

Cpu nr. 1 = SOLD

Tested on water 5 ghz 1.13 R15, 5400 1.37-8 cinebench r15 on water normal temps. 

Did 6830 R15 on quick ln2 test, easy to handle with minimal voltages, ro cb/cbb with rsvd switch on.



Cpu nr.2 

 Tested on water for 5 ghz 1.10 R15, 5400 1.34-5 cinebench r15 on water normal temps. 

Did 6880-90 R15 on quick ln2 test, 6900 passes till almost the end, maybe a better mounting can hit 6.9 but nevertheless very solid cpu.

Easy to handle as well with minimal voltages, again no cb/cbb with rsvd switch on.





#1 750 EURO

#2 1000 EURO


Prices includ shipping worldwide, paypament via paypal or bank account, buyer must take care of fees or send as friends. Cpu's are from box so have warranty but i don't have original packages. Both cpu's are tested on maximus XI gene with llc6 and venom ln2 container with grizzly thermal paste. 



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I had been asked by a few water-cooleing guys about nr.2 cpu and how does it do on water. As i said 5 ghz r15 passed with 1.10 set in bios llc6, 5300 required 1.25 and 5400 1.34-5. My water loop is good but not amazing, ambient temp was 22-23 degrees resulting in 28-30 idle temps at 1.35v for example. With a top notch and lower ambient better results are guaranteed,.On water cpu is the same as the 6950 one i sold,  top performance for sure since a lot of cpu's fail cinebench 5 ghz at 1.20v and this one does 5300@1.25, so 5300 for daily use in every app would be somewhere around 1.30-1.32.

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