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Bloomfield on LN2

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I have about 20 Bloomfield chips to bin through and have tried one on LN2 but the results were not promising: Windows boot only around -65 or warmer, best stability around -80 and complete CB around -105. Is this typical? Gulftown is easier, there are many more resources online about CB/CBB behaviour and my 980X chip followed those descriptions pretty well. Bloomfield on the other hand has much less stuff online. Is there a CB killer minor voltage or is binning for a chip with the coldest CB most important? I tried on the UD9 but also own a RIIIF and RIIIE.

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Yes this is very typicall for Bloomfield. They almost all only scale up to around -80 to -100°C and are not working beyond this point. Also you will face a pretty low voltage range (mostly up to a max of 1.6, maybe 1.65Vcore) where they will scale.

I think I have never seen a Bloomfield which really scaled past 1.7V.

Bloomfield was a pretty boring CPU generation except for that one Gem 975X stummerwinter had...could outperform anything by 500 MHZ and was the only CPU back then doing 6 GHZ. But this was a huge exception, usually it was 5400-5500 MHZ even for really good chips.

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