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Ln2 in the house...again


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Benching a i9 9900k, ROG Apex x Z370 and GTX 1080Ti SLI ?

I had great success this time. The mobo ran great and when I wanted to run one GTX 1080Ti, shut down flip the dip switches, power back up.

CB at -122c yet under load I saw -130c, no running full pot yet. I benched it lite this time....lol

Made 31 subs with 30Lt's of Ln2, 7 1/2 hrs benching... it was a BLAST....Yeah

Made time to run this...https://hwbot.org/submission/4175899_techjesse_3dmark_vantage___extreme_2x_geforce_gtx_1080_ti_98036_marks

I like this one too... https://hwbot.org/submission/4175912_techjesse_3dmark___cloud_gate_2x_geforce_gtx_1080_ti_85168_marks

Shut down and booted into Win 8.1 to run this https://hwbot.org/submission/4175927_techjesse_hwbot_x265_benchmark___4k_core_i9_9900k_21.08_fps

then finished with Win 10....https://hwbot.org/submission/4175887_

I ran a lot of benches 2d and 3d.... next time I'll concentrate on a few less with better settings and notes ?




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Happy tha you had fun, but please remove that eraser stuff , throw it in garbage and never use it again. It is the worst thing to do, you basically don't isolate anything but create problems of condensation compared with not running anything at all. Either vaseline or coating, or just use inferno heater and no insulation at all, just paper towels. 

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11 hours ago, techjesse said:

I'm using my old Koolance V2 Ln2 pot and would like to run full pot, maybe I need a new  KPC T-REX pot and a KPC INFERNO heater plate to do so, what do you think?

Full pot should be doable with your koolance :D just a matter of finding the right settings


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