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Cannot get VRM to power up


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Hey guys.

A little bit ago now i cut the vrm of a DCUII 780 and verified it had no shorts and since then i have been unable to get it to power up. I have supplied the chip with 3.3 volts for VCC, EN, and PSI yet i cannot get it to output properly. It will output 3 oddvolts on the main vrm (which aint right) but has no current capability. An 8 ohm load will drop it to basically nothing. The main VC is an ASP 1212, linked below. Is there a sense line or another enable line somewhere i need to hit with 3.3 volts?

I have attached a picture of what i have so far.


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2 hours ago, TerraRaptor said:

Probably vid should be set - as I remember some VRMs are set off if Vid is all 0 or 1.

If it was set to "off" would that explain the funky voltage with no current capability on my output?
Will have a look at setting the VID tommorrow

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