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8700k trying out some things


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Hello! Im trying to undervolt my processor to get 48X to run smoothly. 
I got an Z370-F


G.Skill 4133 MHZ CL 19 

At the moment I'm running 
1.225 VCORE

1.15 VCCIO

1.15 CPU System Agent 


Speedstep disabled

worst case scenario

140% power

I'm running an beQuite Dark Rock Pro 4 for cooling and getting temps up to 85 degrees. 

How can i get the temps / volt lower? 

Any other suggestions you can do to make my journey a little easier

How can i reach 5GHz? Is it even possible with the setup i have?

Planning on delidding, but will see what you guys say first, and if i can achieve my target

With kind regards


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@Nerxan yes 83 is really bad for a DP4 with just that low voltage. Delidding is the way to go on coffe lake for daily and gaming. I build 4 Pcs for friends 3 with an 8700k and 1 with a 8600k.

delidded everyone of the cpus and dropped about 20 degrees. i5 is running on a Be quiet top flow with 1,36vcore @ 5,3 Ghz

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