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[CLOSED] GTX 780 Lightning + FC Block


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Up for grabs is a 780 Lightning with Bitspower full-cover water block + back plate.

I did a quick test today and the core is looking simply amazing, 1502 MHz in vantage @ 1.45v measured with meter. It's possibly the only 1500+ core card on hwbot for normal ambient water. The memory looked a little weak but I didn't do any testing with memory volts or PLL, perhaps it will go more. The card is fully unlocked with software. I have the LN2 VRM heatsink for it but nothing else, what you see here is what you will get.

(SOLD) $135 shipped USA, open to trades too . It's a seriously huge and heavy card, and it's going to cost a fortune to ship international but ill do it if you want. $120 + actual shipping cost for international. 







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