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Separate GPU and CPU scores for more tests

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I know this is quite a stretch as it changes things up a lot, but please hear me out.

So say I decide to look up the rankings of my 1660Ti in Time Spy. Ok, so it looks like the top ranked guy who goes by _12_ has 8619 marks. Neat. So that's what I'd have to beat if I wanted top rank of this card in that test.

However, here's the kicker: At the very beginning of my search I wanted to know how my GPU and only my GPU ranks in things. Well... if we look at his marks in the test itself, his GPU-specific score is 7862. That's an entirely different metric to the combined score of 8619.

A person using this exact same card would get a completely different score listed on this site alone with completely different hardware other than the GPU. Case in point, _12_ is using a i9 9980XE highly overclocked on phase-change, Predator ram, all on a Rampage VI. This means no matter how far I possibly push my exact same GPU that he has, it will never surpass the ranking he holds because of his immensely powerful other hardware. My FX 8350 (pitiful, I know) is holding me back from remotely having a chance.

As a further example to prove my point, the 2nd place spot, TRAKTOR, has a GPU-specific score of 7002. My best GPU-specific score is 7219. That means I should have the second spot out of all 1660Ti's on GPU merit alone. But by this site's ranking I'm #14 because my total score, and the only score this site takes into account is... 6304. I did a shunt mod, used LM, and added thermal pads and heatsinks everywhere I could to get that GPU score but yet it's side-by-side to ambient stock scores.

GPU's should be ranked as it's own component aside from everything else when it's organized by card alone. The purpose of my search in the first place was to find how my GPU stacks up against all the other same GPU's out there. Not how my GPU stacks up against others with completely different hardware. And I don't see it as much of a stretch to separate the two in many tests that aren't already. All 3DMark tests separate the two scores according to the two sets of hardware.

So what I'm hoping is for this site to consider separating the scores for GPU's away from any other hardware that would influence a ranking whenever possible. This way it would make both the scores and rankings more fair and accurate to the particular GPU at hand and nothing else. Appreciated!

(also, here's my score to verify in case you're curious: https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/43239916?)

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We use GPU score only benchmarks in competitions, though never award points for these.

It is an interesting thought though, but if we want to implement your proposal it it has to be done from the launch of a new benchmark. A new benchmark that will be as or more  GPU limited than Timespy. We can not do this with older benchmarks as even in the 3D tests that score is heavily influenced by the CPU/memory architecture of the subplatform.

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