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GPUPi Submission Problems

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I'm having some problems submitting GPUPi scores.

First off, I can't use version 3.3.3 because as soon as I run a test it crashes (just suddenly closes). No idea why. I think this is a common problem with certain hardware? But version 3.2 works completely fine.

Then if I try to submit a 3.2 score I upload the save file for either 1B or 32B under Plain GPUPi (not the GPUPi 3.3) it doesn't work. After I submit the file and then try to submit the full details page it keeps telling me I need to specify which version I'm uploading but there's no option to select this. So I can't upload my scores at all.

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Ooook. So I went to quickly try and submit the bench again to screencap the error that was showing up and it worked this time. Great, probably just because I asked for help lol.

The benchmark you showed in your screencaps was the benchmark I was submitting. I had tried upwards of ten times the day I did it (two days ago?). Always got the error that I had to "choose the version of GPUPi you are using" in red. All the settings just now were the exact same that they were the day I was getting the error.

Oh well. Guess it's fixed now. Suppose you know it could be a future problem for someone else at some time or another though.

Annotation 2020-01-26 215350.png

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