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Mini, motherboard bowing.


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Turns out I've built a pretty heavy rig on the mini bench and completely didn't account for the weight. Noctua d15 and a strix 2080 ti. The motherboard has a bow to it, because the stand off are very tall and it's making be uncomfortable. Have any of you had to deal with weight issues and boards bowing? How did you deal with them?

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Welcome @axiumone !

Actually the height of the standoff is not the challenge. The OBT mini and the OBT are designed to withstand full Extreme Overclocking, with massive super heavy cooler. Your d15 is actually a lightweight compared to specifications the OBT was built for.

The mini respect the ATX specifications and if your motherboard bows there, it would in any other cases :)


The reason your board bow can be :

- strong or too tight cooling system

- strong or too tight CPU Cooler backplate fixation

Limited rigidity of the motherboard PCB


Please post pictures so that can help for diagnosis !


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That’s reassuring, thanks for the responses! Take a look at the pics, am I over-reacting?

The board is an asus x570i. It has a small reinforcement plate on the back, besides the cpu plate, but it’s not what I’d call fully reinforced. 



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