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Asrock x570 Taichi need bios bug fixes support. Need a correctly working Bios for extreme overclocking help.


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  • 6 months later...

My lovely little Troll-chi it's definitely a moody thing but if you figure out how it wants to be treated it does surprisingly well. It definitely has different preferences for something's than other makes.

The software OC tools are a bit buggy at times but at least they are easy to use and aren't bloated monsters.

My two big asks for the bios...

1.) VRM Switching Frequency, it would be nice to crank it up and not care about efficiency when I want to make things go fast.

2) Give me back the DDR4 tuning controls, the options were there and over time they've been stripped out or dumbed down.

Bonus round...

3) set VTTDDR, offset is evil...

4) Vref control...

I doubt Asrock will unlock these things now, but I can hope.



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