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[FS][EU] High binned I9-9900K and Asus Apex X


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The I9-9900K is delidded professionally and lapped.

On Apex XI it can easily do 5.3/4.9 with 1.29V LLC6, all multithreaded heavy benchmarks.

On DICE it can do 6ghz / 5.3 uncore with 1.60V, LLC7 - again all heavy multithreaded benchmarks.

Good for 6.2ghz for Legacy 3d and PI's.

Very good IMC ( provided you have good sticks ), 4850 /14-13-13-28-2T tight with 1.45VccSA.

Will be shipped boxed and in two blisters to protect from any damage.

Asking 475 Euros.

The Apex X is full bundle, boxed, very good condition, latest bios, with all accessories included.

Please do keep in mind that on Apex X the 9900K needs 0.05V more to achieve same frequencies.

Asking 225 Euros.

Payment : PayPal friends and family or buyer pays fees. Bank transfer also welcome.

Shipping in Europe :

1) 9900K - DHL tracked and insured, 3-5 days delivery - 22 Euros

2) Apex X - Greek Post office - tracked - 5-7 days delivery - 29 Euros.

Thanks for looking.










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6 hours ago, Sparky's__Adventure said:

This is a strong core chip with a genuinely golden IMC, should allow for some absurd daily settings or would be a valuable asset for memory binning.

Up for a great seller!

Question, was the die itself sanded or just the IHS?

Thank you. Both.

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