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  1. Mat, can this release co-exist with 10.2 or does it need a new Wn10 installation ? Thanks.
  2. Sold. Thank you for the space HWBOT. Please move and close.
  3. Long time no see. All the best to you brother.
  4. Hi, Retail board, bought from Amazon.de, full bundle. Condition is Pristine. Has seen some cold benching, but it is very well cleaned. Latest bios. Price : 330 Euros, 300, 280. Shipping : Greek Postal office tracked and insured ( usually 5-7 days delivery - but due to excessive load due to Cov19 small delays might occur ). Cost 35 Euros ( Heavy box ). Payment : PayPal. Friends and family or buyer pays the fees. Thank you for looking.
  5. Asus Apex X is also sold. All sold. Thank you for the space HEBOT. Please close and move.
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