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  1. Fasttrack

    [WTB] CPU X299

    Would you consider a pristine I9-7900X ( 10 cores ) ? Delidded professionally and resealed, 4.8ghz on ambient water with 1.24V and LLC6 on Apex VI and 5.3ghz on DICE with 1.325V and LLC7 ( With KPX blue paste ). No box available.
  2. Please close - Both found and bought. Thank you for the space.
  3. I suppose that Seasonal Ranking exists only for HWBOT's statistics. To see the true number of participants for a year. Other than that, I sincerely can't see any importance at all in Seasonal Ranking. Career ranking yes, Team Ranking - DEFINITELY YES.
  4. Folks, since you all have so many Asus Apex XI boards, and my fucked up one decided to give me - USB over current detected - why don't you sell me a pristine board and I will take the cpu of Mahaudi too ? Come on
  5. Z390 Evga Dark + Asus Apex XI Want both. Offers
  6. Anyone got the dreaded " USB overcurrent protection - system will shut down in 15 secs " message with error code 55 On Apex XI that is.
  7. My deepest respect _Mat_. We are all thankful for your effort. Being a ten year old member, I have to point out though, that we ( the simple members who can't have any influence on decisions taken ), suffer. Let me put it very simply. And this does not apply to GB versions only. Personally I have bought all versions and have them licensed. A fairly popular benchmark. As was XTU. As was PC mark 05. Thousands of members ( like myself ), invested money and time. And one day, for reasons beyond us ( the simple members ), a benchmark ( or more ) is obsolete and unknown number of submissions ( per member ), become pointless. OK. Fair enough. I will not be the one to judge or make criticism on decisions. But if next year the 2000 active members of 2019, drop to 1000, lets not be surprised. My post does not have to do in the slightest with your efforts. I was triggered by your last line that Albrecht promised to remove GB points. I hope Alby chimes in and give an explanation if HWBOT really intends to do that. Respect
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