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  1. [FS] Intel i7 8700K 6.7+G R15

    And up we go Bump
  2. [FS] [RO EU US] Watter Chiller made by Nachtfalke

    It is not a trend mate - unfortunately. Neither a coincidence.
  3. [FS] [RO EU US] Watter Chiller made by Nachtfalke

    So true unfortunately...
  4. 4 X 50... Waiting for the jackpot, lol...
  5. 8x MSI Geforce GTX 580 Lightning [EU] - Air binned

    Hello Maarten, hope you are well bro, N.3 and 8 for me please. You have pm George
  6. Hahaha On the contrary, I think he should demolish everything. And I can think of many reasons why he should
  7. Ha Haha Hahaha Best i7-8700k on spi32m.
  8. [EU] Asus Maximus VIII Impact

    129 Euros + shipping brand new at Amazon.de mate
  9. Big congrats friends Am I happy ( for personal reasons ) or what ? LOl...
  10. Nope Any reason why should I ? ( Genuinely asking )
  11. It does not need to be under cold to exhibit this behavior. Same applies even under water cooling. I have understood ( and would be most happy to be corrected ), that I can trust only settings made in bios. For example - Try a very simple thing - to raise ( even slightly ) VccIN in Turbovcore. My system freezes instantly and does not even reboot. Only hard reset. Same bios - 1103.
  12. Well, well, well... As Einstein used to say with a bitter laugh, even math can some times be subjective and prone to different explanations. Logically 1+1=2, but who can argue that it can be 1+1 = 3-1. Is the glass half full or half empty ? The algorithm, upon which the whole point rankings calculations is based, is WRONG. And I would be most happy to prove to Mr. Frederick Collardyn that statement. It started on a wrong basis, has been revised so many times and it will never be correct. It is the math basis that is wrong. And if one or more "scientists" that designed this, are unable to figure out the problems, then there is a significant issue here. I DO NOT CARE. But the very few that might still be interested to keep this site alive, should be.
  13. [FS] Max 9 Apex + 7700K

    GLWS bro
  14. [WTB][EU] Msi GTX 980 Ti

    Please close thread. Thank you.