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  1. You are pretty new in the forums, especially our small market place And no, you can't post ANY picture of an unused pot, since pictures must have your user name, date, item for sale and the HWBOT logo written on a piece of paper and attached to the item that is pictured. Do that, even on Saturday, and we shall see.
  2. Pictures please - might be interested
  3. @Alex@ro ( Alex ) is making a case of a broader issue that has moved many benchers to the sidelines or even total stop ( myself included ). For the broad masses and not only top LN2 benchers, the hobby was primarily meant to be fun. We all have our lives, obligations and time is kind of restricted for this hobby ( a very demanding hobby ). As everything in life that is done for fun, when fun diminishes because third party problems-issues arise, people start asking questions. And at some point, people start looking for other types of hobbies to have fun with, that do not involve so much stress. No blame game here from me. But if HWBOT really wants to avoid further loss of benchers and wants to attract new ones that do not simply put XTU subs on laptops, things must become simpler. How ? I do not know. What I know is that it is not fun anymore, unless some wake up and sleep only with benching in mind, whatever the cost of money and stress.
  4. Fasttrack


    Although I am not interested in this chip, I will just drop my 2 cents here @unityofsaints correctly mentioned the warranty issue. But it is not only that. A lapped chip, as an ES chip, have a very narrow resale target group of potential buyers. The reason is that someone paying 1400 Euros for a chip will most probably want to resell it at some point, when new generations come out. Leaving HWBOT aside, ANY other marketplace with such chips ( eBay ), they simply do not sell. So, all in all, finding a buyer willing to pay now 1400 euros and be left with a, possibly, non reselable item, is a serious issue. Other than that, a remarkable cpu indeed.
  5. Try eBay mate. Lots of nuts there paying high $$$, if you have a substantial positive feedback. With 0 feedback here ( no offence meant ) and just a few pictures you will not find a buyer for good $$$. To give you a clue, I offer 700 Euros with PayPal NON friends and family.
  6. Better to try eBay. People here buy HW parts with proven OC details. This is a very special card to fork out money without knowing what it can do.
  7. Although it is trully hard to believe, even in the Court of Law, someone is considered innocent until otherwise proven. Moderators can ask for more proof to verify.
  8. Please close. Thank you for the space.
  9. Thread can be closed. @Matt26LFC THANK YOU !
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