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  1. You forgot corona virus Alby, lol I most sincerely wish that HWBOT's decision will not prove wrong long term, because reversing such a decision ( with the weight it carries ), will have a massive impact on the credibility of this site, as a reference place for overclocking.
  2. Let it go. Meaningless discussion. Let's see where all this leads. Although I suspect that 30 members max will be left kicking each other's ass. As though any of them has ever paid a dime for their HW. I am out either way. During those 11 years here I have felt like a beaten dog multiple times. I do not need more.
  3. Anandech, tom's hw, guru3d are some of the most respected sites worldwide. Their readers ( millions ) do not care about LN2 benching. Do you really want us to believe that both Intel and Amd care about a couple of thousand crazy maniacs who bench, lol. No, they care about billions of gamers. That is their market target.
  4. I did not observe Alby any serious reviewer anywhere refering to these cpus as 8+8 or 6+6. The products are advertised and sold by Intel as 16 and 12 core processors. Guru3d made comparisons with 5900X and 5950X. Both single core and multi. I am not exactly sure how and why this whole thing evolved. It is not my business. But my ears hear a lot of angry voices and laughters. Anyway, ee are all guests here, so our opinion does not carry any significant weight if any.
  5. Seems that nowdays there is no objective way of evaluating things. If you THINK that it is an 8 core, then it is an 8 core. Illusionary way of looking at simple mathematics. Hwbot is happy, Intel is happy, 500 normal ( not elite and funded ) members are unhappy.
  6. Don't bother mate. I lost overnight 200 career points and 80 career places. All reviewers consider ( and test ) 12900K as a 16 core cpu and 12600K as a 12 core cpu. As they are advertised and sold by Intel. Hwbot has a different opinion. More than 350 subs under Dice with genuine 6 and 8 core cpus zeroed. Well, who cares, lol. I was looking for a reason to stop buying expensive HW. And benching them. Aloha, hahaha.
  7. All items are NOT for sale anymore. Thank you for the space HWBOT. Please close and move.
  8. I know that both Kintaro ( from Hellas overclocking Team ) and Roman ( der8auer ) have a couple of those. Maybe try contacting them ? Regards
  9. Hello all, All items are in full working condition. Motherboards have been refurbished. 1) I7-990X. 4.9ghz on ambient water 1.45v, 5.5ghz on Dice 1.55V, short test under LN2 ( not by me ), 6ghz 1.7V. Price : 250 Euros 2) Asus Rampage III extreme. Only motherboard. Has been benched under cold. No issue at all. Price 180 Euros 3) Asus Blitz extreme ( P35 ). Excellent. Only board. Has not seen any cold action. Price : 65 Euros. Shipping with registered Post Office is 12 Euros for the cpu ( box, not envelope ), and 17 Euros for each board. Payment : PayPal F&F or buyer pays fees. Private sale. Items are guaranteed not DOA. No returns accepted. Thanks for looking.
  10. We must not try and re-invent the wheel Cores are cores, whatever tricks companies do to evolve technology and improve performance.
  11. Hi, I am in Europe. I have a pristine cpu pot Der8auer Fusion 3.1 - full bundle plus a quality K probe attached. Color is blue. I am asking 180 $ for the pot and 90 $ for tracked shipping.
  12. Sold. Thank you for the space HWBOT. Please close and move.
  13. Hello, This cpu does 4.5ghz on ambient with 1.35V. Asking 140 euros plus shipping.
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