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  1. Fasttrack


    Brother, do not want to spoil all the above, but I have one question - What happens if the board, for any reason, has to go thru RMA with EVGA ? Obviously the end buyer can't RMA and the reverse procedure is next to impossible. Pretty scary considering the value of the item, lol George
  2. Fasttrack

    [FS] MSI 1080Ti Lightning (EU) price updated

    If you do not manage to sell the card at the desired price and decide to drop below 700, pm me Thank you.
  3. Fasttrack

    [FS:EU] Z170MOCF - 230EUR shipped!

    Up for a brother and outstanding man
  4. Fasttrack

    [FS] Maximus XI Gene + Gtx 980ti Classified

    To the OP As per HWBOT market rules, Pictures of the actual item, with a piece of paper with your nickname, date and the label "HWBOT" are mandatory. To HWBOT Guys, anyone moderating the marketplace ? Lots of complaints are surfacing on popular web media ( FB ), of defective parts being sold, DOA and opportunistic sellers trying to take advantage of naïve buyers. Please, let's impose the rules properly. Thank you
  5. Well thank you Daryl. You are very kind. My strong memory ALWAYS remembers the kind members and their statements here at the BOT. Be well and thank you again
  6. Fasttrack


    Unfortunately my brother, Mine is pink with blue velvet dots. It also has a hooker painted on the back side saying " I want 1500 USD ".
  7. Fasttrack

    [FS] Cpu mainboard ram vga psu benchtable

  8. Fasttrack

    [FS] Cpu mainboard ram vga psu benchtable

    Davide, I will take n.11 and n.13. Pm me please, George
  9. Fasttrack

    Notable retired overclockers

    Good thing Sam that you still are active. Respect mate
  10. Fasttrack

    Notable retired overclockers

  11. Fasttrack

    Notable retired overclockers

    @sofos1990 @TaPaKaH @nachtfalke
  12. Interesting chart I will state upfront that bullshit or not ( better avoid this kind of wording ), there is not ONE single thing in real life, for which we have fought and earned the relevant value ( either in the form of work promotion, money reward - work raise, achievements that are filed in our personal portfolio and follow us for life ) that someone will wake up one day and simply take it from anyone or us, with the excuse that new members ( employees in a business environment ) must have a better chance to accelerate climbing the ladder in order to catch up with older ones. It is called hierarchy and it applies to any form of effort and mass participation. In simple words ? Are you better than me ( literally speaking ) ? Come and get it. But I will not accept the fact that an ultra fast "elevator" will destroy the efforts of those that climbed the stairs, step by step, for years.
  13. Amazing indeed ! Either no one knows where the USB fuses are ( of course there at least 100 skilled members here that know ), or no one cares to reply. Bump ! Please, I need help.