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  1. Folks, Might sound irrelevant, not sure though if it is... Did anyone else notice that only 71 members have voted ? Is that a 0.00001% of active members or less ? Does the community have no interest in poles ? Is the community tired of multiple changes and changes and changes ? Is the community not interested in Global points ? Whatever the reason (s), the sample voting is so small, that I wonder if this pole can be seriously taken into account.
  2. Well... 1) I totally agree with what @websmile ( Michael ) wrote and I have made the same observations myself. 2) My very good I7-7740X running 6ghz on SS died EXACTLY as @Splave ( Allen ) described, running one single session of H265 - 4K - 2X overkill mode ( 2 runs ). Shut down the system normally, next day I got that wonderful 00 - cpu dead. And it is definitely not 18 or 16 cores where I suppose absolute hell will break loose. So, my 16 and 18 core cpu's will never see H265 4K or even H265 at all, however many points it gives. And since @havli prefers to put things the hard way ( which I like ), I am not prepared nor will I ever be again to lose a cpu ( price irrelevant ) on a benchmark. Unless a sponsor suddenly falls in love with me and starts shipping boxes of FREE cpu's to me. No XTU and no X265 ( for me at least ) GPUPI - 1B is very interesting though. I think it should get globals.
  3. It is indeed a very nice and hopeful change, that the community's opinions are taken into account. Because the "climate" till several months back ( all understand what I mean ), was "our way or piss off". Respect
  4. History can't be wiped not even by God. There is no book, document, database, records in written form or digital form, for ANYTHING in this world that can be wiped or deleted or ignored. From medicine, to pioneers at any field, to NASA astronauts that went to the moon, to ANYTHING. Unless a lunatic drops a nuclear bomb ( or more ) and everything is physically destroyed. We must be EXTREMELY careful on this.
  5. Folks, Does anyone REALLY believe that there are 204.959 Enthusiast members active ? Yes, I understand that from a marketing point of view, any new visitor here that thinks to join, says WOW. Truth though is so far-far away. I strongly doubt that there are no more than 15.000 active members in TOTAL, league irrelevant. And this is an extremely optimistic number. For example : An individual comes in here 10-5-3 years ago, submits 5-10-20 scores and never returns. All these stay in the database and are taken into account every single time a re-calculation happens. What is the meaning of retaining all these in the database ? Even Windows OS, has an option " delete old files " - " free up disk space " - " Defragment " My understanding is that this is a rational approach, easy to apply and does not hurt anyone. Not even the "marketing point of view". Registered users is one thing - benching members is another. Just my 2 cents.
  6. 1.95V - Well you have BIG BALLS brother :) Some 4133 / 12-11 would certainly improve things a bit more ( I suppose )
  7. AGREED - even if 1 year sounds a bit short period ( I had not benched anything for 16 months ), but 2 years is more than enough. As I had stated months ago, it would be nice ( and very helpful for server load ) to have a realistic understanding of not the registered users but the active members that bench.
  8. Yes, I like it too. Simple and rational.
  9. For those with a weak memory, we have ALL BEEN rookies at some point in our first steps here Indeed, the tactic of taking a baby and throwing it in cold water with sharks around, in order to learn how to swim, is far from basic sanity. Rookies MUST have an accommodation period of time to get "in the spirit".
  10. Folks, Whatever is decided is neutral for me. I bench for FUN. I do not care for rankings and I do not mind being first or last. Recognition, honors, medals on the web ??? Illusions. Seek all these in real life. That I can understand. Just one thing to be clear, for those believing that being a sponsored member is all joy and money and prizes. NOONE can become F1 driver without basting his ass from the age of 6-7 years in go-carts and then climbing the ladder. I have quite a few TOP DOG very good friends here and I can tell you for sure that their obligations against sponsors are HUGE.
  11. Fasttrack

    [WTB][EU] Asus Apex X

    Motherboard found and bought. Thread can be closed. Thank you for the space.
  12. Fasttrack

    [WTB][EU] Asus Apex X

  13. Fasttrack

    [WTB][EU] Asus Apex X