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  1. Fasttrack

    [FS][EU] Golden I5-7640X / 5.5ghz water

    Processor sold to OC.Queen. Item has been paid. Thread can be moved and closed. Thank you for the space HWBOT
  2. Fasttrack

    [FS][EU] Golden I5-7640X / 5.5ghz water

    Pending payment from OC. Queen
  3. Fasttrack

    [FS][EU] Golden I5-7640X / 5.5ghz water

    Hi all, Pictures are 1000 words, so check out the plethora of screenshots uploaded. Boxed I5-7640X, warranty valid till 09/2020. De-lidded with Roman's tool and resealed to factory specs after being treated with Thermal Grizzly Condactonaut. This is a potential 7ghz+ cpu, very good for legacy benchmarks and PI's. Asking 200 Euro + shipping. PayPal please. Item is located in Greece and seller ships in one day after cleared payment. Private sale - no personal warranty and no returns. P.S. Test platform Suboptimal water cooling with an XSPC AX360 rad and an XSPC single D5 pump. Ambient temp 25c. On Apex VI.
  4. Fasttrack

    7920x/7940x and 1070/1080/1080 Ti + sleeved PSU

    Thanks man. Appreciate the prompt reply. Best, George
  5. Fasttrack

    7920x/7940x and 1070/1080/1080 Ti + sleeved PSU

    Forgot to mention also, Zotac GTX 1080 Ti AMP edition. Three months old. Boxed with accessories. 700 Euros shipped. George
  6. Fasttrack

    7920x/7940x and 1070/1080/1080 Ti + sleeved PSU

    Hey bud, I have a Gigabyte G1 gaming rev.1 GTX 1070. Pristine condition, but no box. 400 Euros shipped to you. Pm if interested.
  7. Outstanding - truly outstanding friends N.1
  8. Fasttrack

    [FS] Gigabyte Z270 SOC Force LN2

    Very rare collector's item. I have observed Stavros, that on eBay ( don't flame me ), there are maniac collectors paying an arm and a leg for such super rare items. Maybe you should consider this option ? Free bump for a good friend
  9. Fasttrack

    [IT-EU-WW FS]2x strong 8700k

    With all respect, maybe some ambient water results could help your sales. 5.1ghz / delidded - ***volts 5.2ghz / delidded - *** volts Till the max stable achievable under water cooling ( ambient ). Some screenshots of the results would be good.
  10. Fasttrack

    Intel i9 7980XE

    Usually, when you find out it is already too late, lol Free bump for a great guy
  11. Fasttrack

    Asus GTX980ti Matrix

    Retract. No pictures, no reply.
  12. Fasttrack

    Asus GTX980ti Matrix

    Let's see the pics ASIC ? Boxed ? 400 USD shipped to Greece, if it is with original box ?
  13. Fasttrack

    7740X, Waterblock for 980Ti Lightning

    Hi Markus, George from Greece. I7-7740X for me please. Sold. You have pm buddy :)
  14. Fasttrack

    [FS] [IT EU] Dimastech easy v2.5 rad 360 3x fan

    Deal Send me pm with PayPal details. And I will send you mine. Thanks.