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  1. RESPECT - ALL THE WAY. Amazing piece of work there :)
  2. Thanks Scotty All good. Appreciate the help.
  3. Windows 10, latest, HPET enabled. Any possible explanation please ? Thank you.
  4. Board and X5660 n.3 for me please Pm tomorrow morning.
  5. Fasttrack

    9900KF or 9900K

    With all respect , I have never seen an I9-9900K run 5.5ghz on ambient water. Unless "ambient" is Siberian weather at -30c. The best of the best ever observed ran 5.4ghz with 1.34V on super strong custom water loop, with 18c ambient and Grizzly Condactonaut on IHS, reaching over 90c full load. This cpu was sold for 1000 Euros. Even 5.3ghz is super excellent up to 1.30/1.31V. Kind regards
  6. As per the title. Complete, with no missing parts, in at least good condition.
  7. Hi, I have a set of G.Skill 4200 / 19-19-19-39. This set can do on my Apex X and Apex XI with an my I7-8700K and my I9-9900K respectively 4000 / 12-12-12-28-1T at 1.92V and 4133 / 12-12-12-28-1T at 2.03V. Price is 200 Euros + shipping of your choice ( regular registered post WITHOUT tracking number is 12.50 Euros - DHL tracked and insured 25 Euros ). Pictures follow.
  8. A totally meaningless thread. If this and if that. And if you work for Asus or any other vendor ( just like some elite members do ), you have endless resources. Let's close this.
  9. I am seriously trying to understand what is the issue with this member's submissions. DEEP POCKETS always have a serious advantage. We have had ( and still do ) several cases like this. With the most profound being H20 vs LN2. Others used the servers at their place ( company ) of work to make submissions. No one can and will restrict "deep pockets" from making submissions.
  10. Well...well :) The monstrous cpu at work. Well done Junior ! Now shape up those mems and rerun :) And yes folks it is an EVGA X299 Dark. It is the only X299 board my Teammate and friend has. Keep pushing mate :)
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