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  1. To all - HWBOT is what it is. Thousands of posts written, truths and rumors have ghosted FB and not only. Certainly denial is the wrong path in life. FACTS - TODAY What happened ( good or bad ) has gone by. Returning to the same shit over and over and over again, is at least useless. We have a current status - after a series of revisions. Most of those revisions were plain wrong. People ( like myself ) were trapped with HW worth thousands of $$$, which in one night became useless for the next revision. Two ways to react - 1) Like the hobby and stay 2) Quit for whatever reason, but please do not piss on the rest of us, that still like the hobby. Anything else is bla-bla-bla. Take your pick, and let it be. The more you shuffle shit, the worse it smells.
  2. The " big boys " are rarely ( almost never ), Team players. Their interests start and end in two basic domains : 1) Their sponsors, prizes and ( maybe ) $$$ 2) Their personal ranking position. Sad but true. Let's see if any of the Greek stars, spends 5 liters of LN2 for their country.
  3. For certain, I know that Nikiforos ( Obijuan1983 ) is interested. I am sending him over an I7-920 ( good one ), to bench. As for the rest, I also hope that some Greeks will show a basic interest. Shame, because our country has some of the best benchers.
  4. My Teammate @avalanche , should have given the Thread a different title - Maybe, " How do you see folks the current status of O/C hobby " I have read very carefully all opinions. And I respect them all. The core "problem" is the mentality of newer members. OC hobby can be viewed under multiple angles and short, medium and long term perspectives. OC must be fun for the member. If someone comes here seeking recognition from day 1 ( one ), he has come to the wrong place. I read frequently comparisons between gaming and Overclocking. Two totally different hobbies. Gaming sells more ( a lot more ) because the masses that participate can be from 5 years old and up. It is a huge market share for HW manufacturers and the weight of their marketing has normally fallen to where the vast majority of sales is. OC involves many other parameters than simply buying HW. 1) Love for the hobby, experimenting, willingness to learn-learn-learn, studying, helping others and getting help. 2) True overclockers "speak" with their systems. Feel them, they can understand due to vast knowledge the " How to and Why ". 3) Unfortunately it is this passion that is deteriorating. Older ( not in age ) members, that are obliged for a zillion possible reasons to drop the towel because real life needs are above all, have not managed to pass over the passion and the knowledge to newer members. Evidently, it is this gap, that has dramatically changed the outlook of the hobby. I have the honor and the privilege to be part of a small but very "special" group of people. The Warp9 Team. We have managed to keep the spirit alive. We have managed to be friends and not internal antagonists. We teach each other. We offer help and get help. DAY IN AND DAY OUT. If this could be achieved in a broader basis, "new Stars" would appear, and no one would have any reason to complaint that " Many Greats" have stopped. I can't think of any activity in life, where there comes a time that Many Greats retire. But, the teaching system, the transfer of knowledge, the experience create a new generation of even better participants and society members. Name it - Doctors, lawyers, mechanics, pilots … and - and - and ... Why should it be different here. It is not. Narrow minded people want to see that it is different. Members that care only for their personal rankings and do not give shit about this community. In real life, the society punishes this mentality. Start from the basement folks. Start from the basics. And if you like what you see and do carry on. An 80$ board ( LGA 775 ), a bunch of cpus ( maybe 50 $ ) and some ram sets ( another 80$ max ) and a few legacy cards ( 200 $ tops ) is an excellent starting point. That is 400 $. Add an AIO for starters and … welcome to the OC world. Patience and then the Sky is the limit.
  5. I checked out carefully all stages. Seems I will be pretty busy
  6. Tasos, Please check my HW library and tell me how I can help George.
  7. ...and then take the 50l dewar and go up five floors using the stairs at home
  8. You sir, hit the head of the nail. May I add to your writing - Give people food to eat all day, without pain and without the HOW TO knowledge. Preset profiles, preset mem profiles, everything preset. Now, IF the HW AVG Joe is using can by coincidence work with these preset profiles, all good. If not, then the board is crap or the mems are crap or the cpu or everything. Recently, I encountered a case, where an extremely sympathetic guy, expressed the intention to use LN2. Ok. He installed two ram sticks on slot 1 and 3 on a four dimm board and went directly for 4000 / 12-12-12-28-1T ( other timings on AUTO ), HE APPLIED 1.95V and 1.50VccIO and 1.60VccSA ( on ambient water ). NOT HIS FAULT. He was told to do so !!! GOD, felt sorry for the innocent man and did not kill the HW. What is left from us ( old overclockers that started with Celeron 500A ), and went thru huge 20 meters waves and typhoons to finally understand and apply the acquired knowledge to overclocking, have been so highly demotivated by the current status. Start from the basement and climb the ladder a step each time. No, they want the penthouse IMMEDIATELY. I am so sorry
  9. Good luck with your sales mate. Please do consider my pm and offer for cpus ( both 4790K and I7-7700K ), ram and board as obsolete.
  10. Maybe I am blind too Please state your price. I also sent you a pm a few days ago. Never got a reply. Interested for more of your HW besides the I7-4790K.
  11. Or, with absolute respect, and a big dose of black humor, tie the rope around your neck and hang up.
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