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  1. Fasttrack

    [FS][EU] Intel I7-7700K

    SOLD Please close. Thank you for the space HWBOT.
  2. Fasttrack

    FS: ASUS Rampage VI Apex + EK Monoblock + i5-7640X

    Reserved until tomorrow please Bala ? Thank you George
  3. Fasttrack

    [FS][EU] Asus Apex IX

    Furthermore, I feel that this thread has hone the wrong way and I ask the moderators to please lock it. Thank you for the space HWBOT.
  4. Fasttrack

    [FS][EU] Asus Apex IX

    My most sincere apologies to all, if my statement was taken in the wrong way. I never discuss religion or politics. Not here, anywhere. I simply wanted to say, that I have observed significant deviations ( +15% / -15% ) in prices ( many items ) between Amazon in UK that sells in GBP and converted in Euro when buying from there, and Amazon.de where pricing is directly in Euros. That is all. Either in Europe or not, Amazon.co.uk prices are in GBP. Maybe fluctuations in currency conversion creates these deviations. Anyway, my apologies again. As for Jumprer118 comment, I could not agree more.
  5. Fasttrack

    [FS][EU] Asus Apex IX

    Well, UK is NOT Europe, is it ? European prices are just below the 200 Euros mark.
  6. Fasttrack

    [FS][EU] Asus Apex IX

    https://www.amazon.de/Maximus-IX-Mainboard-Kabylake-DDR4-Speicher/dp/B01N9QN03S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1526443983&sr=8-1&keywords=asus+apex+ix https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/B01N9QN03S/ref=sr_1_1_olp?ie=UTF8&qid=1526444050&sr=8-1&keywords=asus+rog+maximus+ix+apex&condition=new It is better not to speak, unless a thorough search of the market is performed. 120 GBP is offered only for Amazon Prime members, while CCL is selling for 150 GBP. Lowest in Europe is 190 Euros. Neither in stock. False impressions are given to potential buyers ( if any ).
  7. Fasttrack

    [FS][EU] Asus Apex IX

    170 Euros + shipping. BRAND BEW from RMA. Up
  8. Fasttrack

    [FS][EU] Intel I7-7700K

  9. Fasttrack

    [FS][EU] Intel I7-7700K

    Since the thread has not been closed, lets keep pushing 5.4ghz I7-7700K, 310 Euros. Come on folks, really ??? How much cheaper can it get ?
  10. Fasttrack

    [FS][EU] Asus Apex IX

    Once more Open to reasonable offers for a BRAND NEW Apex IX.
  11. Blasphemy - LOL Apex without USB OCP ? How can that ever be possible ??? And ruin the fame of all Apex boards for USB OCP ??? Nahhh, I think Michael's proposal ( repair tool ) is the correct solution - once and for all
  12. Fasttrack

    Mainboard RMA

    You are out of luck mate RMA from Asus or Gigabyte ? In your dreams. Only if the motherboard is bought from a retailer ( like Amazon ) that honors the warranty provided, then you are in good hands ( with invoice of purchase ). I personally have an approved RMA for an RVE ( 3 years ago ), which was never fulfilled by Asus thru their European distribution center. I keep all the papers for souvenir, to remind me from where to buy.
  13. Fasttrack

    [FS][EU] Asus Apex IX

    Last bump
  14. Fasttrack

    [FS][EU] Intel I7-7700K

    Please close thread. Thank you for the space HWBOT
  15. Fasttrack

    [FS][EU] Intel I7-7700K