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  1. Hello, If you are located in Europe, I will take the MSI 275 Lightning. Thank you.
  2. Well... Indeed Sold to my friend and Team mate @avalanche for the asking price. May this superb cpu serve you well sir ! Thank you for the space HWBOT. Thread may be closed.
  3. I do 5.5ghz core, 5ghz cache, ambient water on Apex X. Pm for details
  4. https://hwbot.org/submission/3979147_fasttrack_wprime___1024m_core_i5_7640x_2min_33sec_879ms https://hwbot.org/submission/3978230_fasttrack_cinebench___r15_core_i5_7640x_921_cb As per HWBOT database, this I5-7640X is the fastest one in the world on ambient water loop. 5.6ghz with 1.44V on Asus Apex VI, LLC 7. Cpu does SPI32m with 5.7ghz stable at 1.46V. Cpu is delidded and professionally treated with Thermal Grizzly Condactonaut. It is resealed. Boxed, with the box. 280 Euros. PayPal only. Friends and family or you pay the fees. Bank transfer is an option. Shipping with Hellenic Post Office registered is 16 Euros, throughout Europe. Private sale, no returns, no warranty. Intel warranty applies.
  5. It is getting epidemic, lol This one ( Apex X ) did not even work on cold. Died before that. Under water. Shame on Asus. Asking 400-500-600 Euros for boards . In the last three months, I received an Asus Apex VI from Amazon.de, brand new. DOA. Returned, refunded. A month later, a Rampage VI extreme. DOA. Returned, replaced, working in my daily rig. Thank God good up to now. WTF is going on ???
  6. Lesson learned : To have piece of mind, DO NOT BUY second hand Asus boards. Buy new, with invoice and warranty. Yes, you pay more, but whatever shit comes up, your ass is covered. Thank God that I own numerous BRAND NEW ultra expensive boards, bought from Amazon.de with warranty of 2 years. Unless a friendly member comes up with a helpful suggestion, it goes to eBay. FOR THE LAST TIME.
  7. As for the Apex VI, YOU KNOW from whom it came and we have discussed it. The board was already repaired and I was fucked.
  8. Ha, Yes, the first Apex X died due to the superb 8Pack 2000W garbage psu, that fried it. Any other component like what Bala ????? 4 X Corsair AX1600i PSU's and 2 X AX1200i PSU's. What else ? A quick google search showed hundreds and hundreds of Asus Z370 boards with exactly the same issue.
  9. Well...it is one of these moments, when you start scratching your head, wondering if there is any reliability left in high end Asus boards. Some may remember the " USB over current protection " issue I had with my Apex VI. Well, just for history, board went to Czech Republic ( European Asus service center ) for repair. And guess what ? Asus was unable to repair the board and since there was no invoice available ( was purchased second hand ), returned it to me. NICE !!! On subject. Apex X. Set up with a water loop in order to make some disks with various OS. Everything stock. Random I5-8600K and some ddr4 mems. Upon reboot, lights remain on, but board denies to start. Long story short, everything checked, changed PSU, changed battery, did a total drain of the board. Nope. As this was not enough, bios flash back does not work either. Board dead dry, no insulation applied yet. Friends, your knowledge and Fantasy is welcome. Otherwise, it will be the second Asus board going to eBay, as "parts, not working"
  10. Fasttrack


    The OP ( correctly ), asked not to spam his thread. I personally apologise. I was only trying to be helpful, by stating that 5.5ghz on ambient water is NOT easy and very rare. Chris, pretty bold and insulting statement to make. Are you questioning my sincerety and request a screenshot ? My last post here in this thread. AGAIN APOLOGIES TO THE OP. Three 6 core 8700k or 8086K have appeared EVER on the BOT, with the 5.6ghz potential. Mine ( sold ), Dancop's ( sold ) and Roberto's ( ? ). Just for history.
  11. Fasttrack


    Nope. About 2000 screenshots were saved in a usb stick, which my dog thought was tasty and ate it. No joking.
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