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  1. Fasttrack

    [Feeler] Price for 6950x ???

    A friend is selling locally an I7-6950X retail, an Asus X99 Gaming board Strix and 4X4 ( 16gb ) memory ( 3200 ) for 600 Euros. Trusted person. I personally consider it a rather good deal. All items in pristine condition. Have seen the rig at work. I do not know though about warranty and receipts. 450 I would say for a cpu in very good condition.
  2. Fasttrack

    [FS] Galax GTX 1080 Ti OC Lab 2770MHz/1675Mhz

    Good luck with sale friends Dirt cheap !!!
  3. Fasttrack

    Frequency detection bug with old Socket 5 CPUs

    I am out of here. Permanently. This is no criticism of anything. This is an analysis ( fundamental analysis ) of the current state here. I put my head on the line writing my post. And maybe it will be cut off. You, on the other hand, are always optimistic, without any real basis to prove from where this optimism derives. Maybe you prefer - as you always state - to leave things as they are and whatever happens. Either way, for me, a person who has sworn to never bench again in my life, at least HERE, there is no difference whatever happens. We had WONDERFUL YEARS HERE AT THE BOT, long time before you joined.
  4. Fasttrack

    Frequency detection bug with old Socket 5 CPUs

    I have never been afraid to come out in the open and state what I am thinking. Well folks, I am 110% positive that Alby, being leader of Madshrimps of Belgium, would and will not EVER favor himself or his Team members, over his role as moderator. NEVER. Sure it would be nice to have independent moderation. But it is not the moderators nor the crew that is to blame for the difficult times we are going thru. Leaving aside the global downturn of interest regarding the OC hobby, I will state one thing that I have in my mind for months and I did not dare to put it in writing. it might cost me a permanent ban from the forums, the post might be deleted, but whatever it is, here goes : We have a saying in our country that I will try to paraphrase in the best possible way - BAD fish smells ( stinks ) from the head. Mr. Frederic Collardyn, sir, with all due respect as person to person, you may own this site, but you are not qualified to manage it. Why ? 1) You do not have any real "touch" with the inner passion and feeling of computer hardware overclocking and what it means to us. 2) You do not have the time to sit on top of things and be a leader 3) Your rankings algorithm is wrong. It is dead wrong and creates frustration, anxiety and maybe a bit of being let down, to multiple active users. 4) I know that things on the financial front are not very optimistic. There are solutions. Viable solutions. It is my line of business and expertise for more than 35 years that allows me to say that in such a bold way. HWBOT needs funds - permanent monthly income - and restructuring funds to recover. Either you are in no position to know how to resource these funds or you simply do not care. 5) PJ, websmile, Alby and others in the past, were NEAR ( right next to us ) 24/7. Giving solutions, making fun, stirring things up, KEEPING interest ALIVE. I DO NOT WISH TO ELABORATE FURTHER. Post is already long enough. With sincere respect to all, George
  5. Fasttrack

    Frequency detection bug with old Socket 5 CPUs

    Miss you too my best friend - mentor and TEAM CAPTAIN for ever W9 and Scotty. Best combination ever. My best years here at HWBOT. THANK YOU !
  6. Fasttrack

    Frequency detection bug with old Socket 5 CPUs

    Agreed. Let's say 10 submissions per year. Alby, maybe you do not like numbers, but unfortunately only numbers can and will present the true picture and not a virtual reality. Everyone admires to the utmost extent the voluntary work of the remaining crew. Huge Bravo to all the gentlemen that still contribute to the operations of the site. But still, since this a pretty much expensive hobby, it would be nice to know ( if possible and if allowed ), how many active users still exist. The average Joe might have the right to know if he is competing "against" 100 or 10.000 users. Running the marathon and coming first when there is no second running, is pretty much not the best indication of interest or competitive skills.
  7. Fasttrack

    Frequency detection bug with old Socket 5 CPUs

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ A very interesting statistic number would be to have the true active users of the last 12 months. And by saying active, I mean at least 1 submission per month. 244805 is a number that indicates the total registered users since HWBOT started. This number says nothing. Let's have the true users of 2014-2015-2016-2017 and 2018 so far. That would be a more rational approach to how many are really still interested in this hobby.
  8. Fasttrack

    Frequency detection bug with old Socket 5 CPUs

    It is sir, so unfortunate, so sad and so disappointing to observe ( not only here but in every small, medium or big organization ), that the true gentlemen and "heroes" that constitute the backbone of the said organization, to be "forced" to leave because the "organization" is "NOT PRODUCING HAPPY USERS" I personally would like to wish the best, both to you and HWBOT. It is a real shame, because HWBOT is, maybe, the only site on the Internet where so much info can be found regarding computer HW, going decades back. It is a huge resource of info, and if examined under this prism, it should remain alive, even as a database for future reference.
  9. Fasttrack

    [WTB][EU] G.Skill 4 X 8gb quad channel kit for X299

    Memory set found and purchased. Listing can be moved and closed. Thank you for the space HWBOT.
  10. Fasttrack

    [WTB][EU] G.Skill 4 X 8gb quad channel kit for X299

    Thank you. Pretty much I know that. Must have exaggerated in the specs in my listings. Oh well... Editing initial post. Thanks man.
  11. Fasttrack

    [WTB][EU] G.Skill 4 X 8gb quad channel kit for X299

    well thank you mate, you are probably right, but some of us also have daily rigs that are not molested with high voltages. Just a shot. Maybe a long shot, but you can never know. Best regards
  12. Fasttrack

    [WTB][EU] G.Skill 4 X 8gb quad channel kit for X299

    Hey bud, Certainly not for overclock. Tell me what you have
  13. Looking to buy a set of 4 X 8gb G.Skill memory set. For Asus Apex VI and AsRock X299 OCF. Minimum 3600 / 16-16-36-1T at 1.35V. Boxed with boxes and not random serial numbers. Set must not have seen cold. RGB or not irrelevant. Tell me what you got. Thank you.