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Submission points are not updated

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Hi In the last few days I have been facing a problem when I make a submission and get HW points, etc. I will see how much I gained, but it does not update on my personal card. Several dozen HW points fly to me somewhere, but they are not in my profile. Please check and correct if necessary. Thank you

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These points are not on my card:







Please check the recalculation button without success. 
HW points in Career and Season 2021 have not been credited to me since I participated in the Challenger competetion
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The BOT does not recalculate each day. It iwll take a few days before anything will be added

The Challenger competition is still running, why would one already get points if we don't know where you end up in the ranking. 

A lot of subs you listed are not your best score (I rmeoved these). Also the "with benchmates" which are Beta don't give points

If every user would press the recalculation button it would, take up so much calculation power, hence why it is disabled. 


A new point system is in the making so don't focus on current points too much... It will all be different after the transition period is over... 



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