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Rampage V Extreme vs. G.Skil Triden Z F4-3200C16Q-32GTZB

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Hy guys, i have a big problem with my DDR4 RAM and i don't know what to do anymore .... XD


My System:

Intel 5820K, Asus Rampage V Extrem 3.1, GTX 1080 TI FE Gainward, M2 SSD aaaand G.Skil Triden Z F4-3200C16Q-32GTZB (4x8), ROG Thor 850W Platinum


My Problem:

My old MB got bricked and i didnt want to buy a whole system - so i decided to buy a used Rampage V Extreme.

1 Problem: My RAM are not at the QVL (i thought its ok just for trying) - it ended in some bootfails

2 Problem: i switched to BIOS/DRAM-timing section and i cant see some entries at the Channel A/B - just at Channel C/D. Back in Win10 i started CPUZ with the Result: 24 GB shown, 3 Slots are recognised. Windows Sys just see 16 GB RAM. My question at this point: is problem 1 the trigger for that or is one RAM  bricked or are the dimm slots a/b at MB defekt?

I also tried to change the RAM with the dimm slots but same problem. When i try to boot with just 2 RAM - no boot (Recommended memory config as shown in the manuel)


Maybe someone can help me

if this is the wrong section i am sry - pls switch it to right one. Thx




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  • Crew

One thing you can do is clean the socket and dimm slots with some electric cleaner, do this too for the gold contacts of your dimm.

It could be the seller was aware of this channel dropping and one of the reasons he sold the board.

Find a dimm slot that works, and plug in each dimm seperately and test. I fear it will be the board


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