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ChintzyPC - FX-8350 @ 7340.4MHz - 7340.39 mhz CPU Frequency


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6 hours ago, ChintzyPC said:

What do you mean by different modules?

Fx8350 has 4 modules, each made of 2 cores. To get the best possible score, it is recommended to check overclockability of every module (you can adjust multiplier for each module independently on the fly in windows). I.e. my best module with fx8120 was module #3, doing 500mhz higher than the worst ones (modules #1 & #2). So I would keep all modules enabled, set bad ones low multi and overclock the best module.  

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Oh I see what you mean. No, I don't believe this board had functionalities like that. Even if it did we were short on time and LN2 so we just had to do all-core for most tests, then disable all but the first module for the rest. Then just when we were finishing up the board blew a mosfet killing both the mobo and CPU so it's too late now anyhow.

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