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Delidding and freezing safely?


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I just had a hell of a time freezing a 4790k that does pretty good on air. But with DICE I ran into bad stability problems after 45 minutes or so, pulled everything apart and re-insulated, tried again and about 45 minutes later I'm stuck on boot loop again, unable to post.


This chip is delidded, it's got generous TIM on the die, although I didn't put any on the bunch of SMDs next to the die. I seem to remember people saying you needed to re-seal it with RTV if you are going to freeze it safely... is that the case? Or is it fine to just put the IHS back on loosely with plenty of TIM?

I suppose it's also possible that it's cold bugging at -60 or so, because with DICE and a heavy pot it takes 45 minutes to get down below -60. I haven't heard of devils canyon cold bugging at only -60 tho...

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we always used nailpolish to protect the row of SMDs... maybe too much tension on the PCB due to the direct die.

Try once with the original heatspreader and see if the CBB and CB shift.... I had 4790K's coldbugging at -125 on idle, while on load they could go colder... Slow mode switch is your best friend with this gen....

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