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Socket G2 BCLK overclocking, how to unlock? 1155 also?


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I remember that there was a way to unlock bclk overclocking in 2nd and 3rd intel gen. Mobile (socket G2) and desktop (1155) also.
As far as I remember it has to do with an easy mod. Just find the proper signal, and then connect it to high or low state. Some gamming notebooks has BCLK overclocking enable by default. What application allows to change bclk? Is this BCLK app able to run from Win XP?

Maybe I'm wrong with this 1155 (I've got a DELL Q77 motherboard and it'd be nice to OC it), but definitely socket G2 is overclockable by BCLK. So what can you say overclockers?

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Thread necro here, but maybe it's still useful for future searches.

That generation you could unlock both Multi and BCLK with a modded ME Firmware image, extract the one from your bios and use the Intel ME System Tools to mod it.

Once in Windows (Xp/7) install the matching ME driver and XTU 3-4 to control it.

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