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Question to Benchmate submissions

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Hey Guys, I have a question. I am currently peparing for some Socket 1156 benches. In a Ranking for a Cinebench (don't know exact Version anymore) I saw in the Cinebench without Benchmate Tool Ranking, a top submission with benchmate. I thought I can only upload results with the Benchmate Tool in Cinebench with Benchmate, not in normal Cinebench. Is the uploaded result invalid because it is in the wrong category? I ask because then I can only install cinebench once with the Benchmate Tool and use it for both categories.

I know you should use Benchmate for Win 8 / 10, but I think it was a Win 7 System, thats also a reason I am confused.

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Thanks for the information, good to know. 

Was a few years inactive because of a workd related continuing education. Now I came back and was confused what Benchmate Tool ist. That didn't exist when I was last active a few years ago. When we bench its normally not "that" stable. Does the Benchmate Tool generate a noticeable load on CPU and RAM? Sometimes the best scores I see are the same Clocks, somtimes a bit lower with Benchmate by the same people, so i would guess theres a little load that can crash the system.

Do I have a disadvantage when I use Benchmate in Windows 7 / XP instead of the normal Benchmark?

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  • Crew

See Benchmate as added security against bugged scores, proper score verification, submission automisation and so much more... Great tool that partly saved overclocking,  but it won't work on XP....

We did a Low clock SuperPi 32M challenge with Benchmate and without benchmate. So basicly Win7/8/10 versus XP and the XP runs were hardly faster on modern hardware....

Some benchmarks get better scores with Benchmate, just check out the top scores for each hardware and you might be surprised....

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Oh... OK, good to know. Then I will only install with Benchmade on win 7 and later versions. 

I thought it has a bit impact on the score, but it seems like it doesn't affect it. I will look at newer rankings, in the rankings I checked (Socket 1156) there are hardly any Benchmade submissions by some CPUs.  Your right, in the challange you posted, Benchmade was hardly noticeable in the scores. 

Don't know how bad the problem with bugged scores was in the past, but the idea with a direct verification is good. I will try it out in the next session. 

Is that the reason why some download buttons from old benchmarks don't work anymore? Maybe my browser bugged, but I don't think so. It was cinebench 2003 if I remember correctly. 

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