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AlderLake - LGA1700 Bracket


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Just sharing a bracket I designed to suit Alderlake. As you may or may not have heard, the stock ILM (hold down mechanism) is showing signs of bending the IHS on the Socket 1700 CPU's.

My thoughts were:
1. Reduce the hold-down load on the CPU itself
2. Use the cooler as the pressure on the CPU
3. Have it fixed so the CPU cannot fall out (believe me, I tried tape myself, good results but poor support).
4. Allow those with Lapped CPU's and Lapped coolers to be able to maximise their contact without stuffing around with different washers to relieve the stock mounts pressure.

Extreme overclockers have been working on many ways to help give a flat surface for those last MHz. Some (#1 all round legend Splave) even resulted in cutting an ES sample Asrock Aqua boards socket out, so he could lap his golden CPU in what would be it's intended environment, gaining 20-50mhz across the various benchmarks under LN2.









IgorLabs did a run down of a washer mod as a work-around to help improve the thermals, but I have gone just a step further on a better solution.

Luumi has been testing it and provided a video on a bracket I've designed. He has checked his cooler and found it to be far from flat, so he is still testing further once lapping his block. Keep and eye out for his further results.

First batch of CNC'd Aluminium is now sold out but can organise a second batch if there is enough interest. Pricing is reasonable except international shipping, but group orders can solve that.

You can message me on my 
FB page if interested in a 3d printed or CNC version, or check my personal results here. Will be testing with another CPU soon and with a Noctua D15 to confirm my results :) I'm also looking into sharing the print file online shortly :)

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