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Apex Batch 2021 Issues

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I finally stopped getting silenced to an extent " account is still banned at overclock.net " despite the obvious paid users still having their accounts active on that site that got me banned for pointing out their flaws despite them being able to attack me constantly with no repercussions on their part.

Asus has said that my motherboard was one of the bad ones and that they'll be replacing it with one that is guaranteed to work correctly but, it will be a used one unfortunately...

Igors lab explains more about the issues with these motherboards in his review in the link provided below. He purchased one from a retailer and got a bad one right off the rip first purchase.




If you have a bad one you're eligible for replacement from Asus for a refurb that is guaranteed to work correctly. Hope this helps some people.

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11 hours ago, Splave said:

Is there a way to tell its bad like on the pcb?

If you look at Igors lab's article maybe. I know Asus told him if you have a qvl memory and it is 6000Mhz+ and it can't do it it's bad. He pointed out some possible soldering issues he spotted on the memory slots. Here someone circled some things they thought they could notice were different.




I didn't do this picture.



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On 4/1/2022 at 8:57 PM, Splave said:

Is there a way to tell its bad like on the pcb?

Pretty much consider most retail 2021 boards as boards with issues

ES and 2022 boards seem to do a lot better

If there is no manufacturers date on the sticker with the serial then its a early batch 2021


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