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ksateaaa23 - Core i7 12700KF @ 5087.6MHz - 8891 cb Cinebench - R20


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Sir, yes.. will re-bench gpu collection. New to this platform. Testing. Need full 16gb for the bench. It's 19-25-25-45 kit.  Getting lot of errors with lower timings than 16s. With maxmem 4gb 13-13-13 is working fine. Morning tested cinebench 20 with windows 11. Result is much better. Score is around 9000 with xmp ram timings. Have another kit, Will try that also. Should get at least 9400-9500. It's very hot in India. Can't run all core fixed mode beyond 49x, as temps are hitting 100(with ek water block& AC running) . With turbo offset, cores running @ different speeds, balanced mode in windows...... performance is not upto the mark.

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I did get 9419 which is in line as per clocks. temps almost hitting 100. some how board likes 16-16-16. score is around 9400+ where as with 15-15-15 score is 9320+. almost 1% drop.  no complaints, it's a 220 $ board.




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