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  1. it's not. this time hd graphics 4400, windows 10 and same drivr used by you. result is same. graphic card not recognised. https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/38265605
  2. not running in diagnostic mode. same result with ver 5.18 graphics is recognised as intel hd graphics(gpu sys info) on 3dmark screenshot but when validated online shows as generic vga. https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/38248579
  3. couple of problems with ice storm stage. 1. g3258 integrated graphics HD graphics(Haswell) not accepted for submissioin. 2. with sys info ver 5.19, graphic card not recognised.(is it valid for comp?)
  4. benchmate launching but none of the apps are opening. 2 win 10 os and same wih both professional and enterprise versions. both are used for all 4 benchmate comps till now. they have worked well but with g3258/z97-d3h/transcend/g.skill ram none of the apps are opening. bug report sent. kindly look into it. should i go with fresh install.
  5. i did score almost the same(+100ms) & hence tried 50mhz higher clock & bettered both subs (not submitting now). still can't do 13 min 55 sec. which i was hoping for. https://hwbot.org/submission/4203443_ksateaaa23_superpi___32m_with_benchmate_fx_8350_14min_4sec_175ms
  6. With realtime/high priority 2nd iteration is completed around 1 min 11 sec & the run with normal 1min 13 sec. So if it goes through should be around 20sec faster. One of the problem is I use minimal v core. Definitely higher v core should do the run high prio & around 13min 55 sec. My former teammate & good friend knows, I use bare min voltage to run benchmarks. Ozzie opposite to me in that aspect.
  7. Thank you sir. Still there is scope for improvement. If the priority is high/realtime hanging after 2 iterations. Above normal priority hanging after 20 iterations. This run was with normal priority.
  8. intially downloaded on win 10 relatively new os on microsoft edge browser. decided not to download it again on the same system. downloaded on e5800 win 7 system. tried to launch & got a fatal error. copied the files to i7 2600k win 10 and it's working fine.
  9. Thanks. Will download again and try in the evening.
  10. i7 2600k @ stock with transcend axeram @ stock(666@9-9-9-9-24). Bench settings can be unstable & I don't even use them for browsing.
  11. not extracting files properly. manually can run cinebench R11.5/15/20 but no option of running with benchmate. screenshot attached.
  12. we need geekbench 3/4 key to get the benchmate score. otherwise you can't save the score.
  13. ran CB R11.5 could save the result but unable to submit. GEEKBENCH 4 doesn't given any option to save the result. have screenshots, can I submit manually.
  14. this is i7 8700k@5.2ghz https://hwbot.org/submission/4185333_ksateaaa23_unigine_heaven___basic_geforce_gtx_1080_9999.2_dx9_marks @5ghz, still trying to beat a score which is better by only 1.4 points for 3 days and can't beat it so far.(9619.28>9617.88). edit: finally after almost 15 runs got 9626.3 https://hwbot.org/submission/4185337_ksateaaa23_unigine_heaven___basic_geforce_gtx_1080_9626.3_dx9_marks
  15. more or less same tweaks discussed here are used. consistently i was doing around 9600 with my gtx 1080. yesterday had half a dozen scores ranging from 9570 to 9610 but couldn't improve my best score of 9617.88 for some reason my gigabyte ultra gaming scores slightly better than asrock gaming k6. https://hwbot.org/submission/4163773_ksateaaa23_unigine_heaven___basic_geforce_gtx_1080_9477.6_dx9_marks/(without maxmem) https://hwbot.org/submission/4181264_ksateaaa23_unigine_heaven___basic_geforce_gtx_1080_9617.88_dx9_marks/(with maxmem=4gb) https://hwbot.org/submission/4163779_ksateaaa23_unigine_heaven___basic_geforce_gtx_1080_9890.37_dx9_marks/(processor @5.2ghz) on asrock board run right after the score of 9477.6 was done. at 5.2ghz cpu, 10000 is possible. and will run with gigabyte board. i don't suspect any scores there.
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