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  1. i have z370 gaming k6. max ram voltage of 1.8v. board does fairly well on memory oc can do 4000 13-13-13-28-1t or 4133 13-14-14-28-1t with galax 4000 kit. but if i can get the voltage upto 1.9-2.0 v probably should do 4000 12-12-12-28-1t. have a raspberry pi as well. like to know if that process worked. have a bit of working knowledge of linux.
  2. this is a serious comp and don't want any doubt. so tried to take a video but memory stick details are not very clear. hence given couple of photos of stick along with xmp identification in bios and os. with the stick serial no.............430(last three digits) and 3466 visible. that should be more than sufficient to prove that everything about that sub is right. other stick in that kit is ..............429 and it is a 2*4gb 3466 kit. have an advice for acm_fan, choose your words carefully.
  3. my memory clock sub is reported by acm_fan, "TWO DIFFERENT MODULES, IT'S CHEAT OR BROKEN RULES" cheat is a wrong word and should ask for a clarification, it's better if you can avoid using that word without knowing it & should have been avoided, and i have not broken rules. i always go by rules. when i purchased 3466 kit(in 2016) one of the stick i received is 4140 and that's been always used for higher frequencies. now if you see the sticker it will show only 3466 and timings of that but when you look at spd you will see 4140 19-25-25-45-1t. hence the confusion. IF ANY ONE GOT DOUBT, WILL GIVE A VIDEO OF THAT. BUT I AM LITTLE SURPRISED PEOPLE PICK UP LAST PLACED SUB TO REPORT IT. (from 2016 till now all submissions of G.SKILL competitions you will find the same stick pic). WHAT IS USED IS WHAT POSTED IN PICTURE. edt: could find couple of comps where the same stick is used. 2016 g.skill qualifier https://hwbot.org/submission/3152004_ksateaaa23_memory_frequency_ddr4_sdram_1997.7_mhz/ 2016 team cup https://hwbot.org/submission/3253137_ksateaaa23_memory_frequency_ddr4_sdram_1987.9_mhz/
  4. Manual recalc. Is working. I had couple of achievements on socket 1156. 10 cups and medals & 100 hw points. Not awarded automatically. Hit the recalc. and got both achievements.
  5. Thanks. Will try that. In one OS I might have exhausted how many times I can open. Asking to register now. Uninstalled and running non pro version.
  6. one of my sub for 3dmark 11 physics reported by 'mattfleg' for not running the monitoring tool during the run. at the top it shows 27.8 min/max which might have led to reporting the sub. but you can look at 1. memory usage 2. power usage 3. temps below show idle 30/34c and load 49/52c 4. core utilisation 100% on all cores probably this should justify the sub. hw monitor pro is bugged. i have at least half a dozen screenshots showing my i7 8700k as i3 7350k or i5 750 etc. here it's showing i3 4130 as fx-8350(screenshot). now it's asking me to buy the product to show the info. non pro version seems better. now i have started using the non pro version had my problems with installing hardware info. ask for an update which windows says you don't need it(can give screenshots). but if it works that gives the best possible info. i can run in xp but not running on windows 7 home premium/ultimate sp1. not tried on win 10 open hardware monitor 0.8.0 beta is only giving clocks but no temperatures. haven't tested much but the in-built ohm in x265 is also problematic but still it gives clocks,temps and all relevant information. sub is ranked 17th of 17 submissions. have at least half a dozen processors which can better this but obviously don't have i7 4770k/i7 4790k which is the best bet.
  7. ram couldn't handle 7-11-7-24-1t. it can do well 1080-1090 mhz. increased clocks to 4460 and ram 1115@ 8-12-8-24-1t. does much better with waza. this result is 17 sec faster. only 3 days on socket 1156. https://hwbot.org/submission/4089549_ksateaaa23_superpi___32m_core_i5_750_8min_18sec_640ms
  8. in built ohm has a problem. i have booted with 216 bus with i5 750 frequency 4320 and then increased the bus to 219 immediately. then ran few other benchs. after that i ran x265 wanted to see how good is ohm and it detects the bus only 216. frequency only 4320. also hardware monitor pro is open during the bench. you can see clearly 4380 is the max freqency.
  9. there is a small problem here. notification says kicsipapucs just started a discussion. but on the forums sonyHD name is seen(sonyHD not active on hwbot for 5 years and 11 months). while commenting on score different names are shown......there are few of them. Ackerman is one that comes to mind appears as rondeaunathan. few more members also reported similar problems. needs to be fixed.
  10. Transcend axeram. I am not a ram expert. My teammate said its a PSC. this ram was made for 1156 platform. Does well with 1155 also with similar timings. On haswell can do around 1270@8-12-8-26-1t spi32m waza.
  11. i could find 3 subs with 3:5 memory divider in the top 20 ddr2. https://hwbot.org/submission/3803401_gtxx58_memory_frequency_ddr2_sdram_818.8_mhz https://hwbot.org/submission/3567472_bolc_memory_frequency_ddr2_sdram_805.4_mhz https://hwbot.org/submission/3568889_andorria_memory_frequency_ddr2_sdram_796.8_mhz
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