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  1. tried different drivers/ os but always says generic vga. seems like sys info problem. but correctly identifies in 3DMARK GUI. Also correctly identifies the clocks as 1600 and driver version as in the verification url.
  2. Software purchased by me for benching........ 1. 3d mark 11 2. 3d mark 3. VR mark 4. Catzilla 5. Geek bench 3 6. Geekbench 4 7. Passmark performance test 8. Pcmark 10 etc... I think most of us do support developers...... Edit: forgot Time spy.... Can't remember all....at a time.....
  3. unigine super position 8k score validation issue: have a datafile but error 1117 while submitting the score, asking for valid license. do we really need to buy the license???
  4. Instead of top two scores only top score is considered. Three teams have 2 or more scores.......
  5. couple of quick improvement scores for both spi 1m & 32m. can do better with ram & little headroom for clocks as well. https://hwbot.org/submission/4495346_ksateaaa23_superpi___1m_pentium_g3258_7sec_594ms https://hwbot.org/submission/4495347_ksateaaa23_superpi___32m_pentium_g3258_6min_22sec_172ms
  6. Oops! That's 32m screenshot. Pls. remove sub. Can re-run. G3258 setup is still on the bench will improve this score tomorrow.
  7. whether tesselation load modification allowed in this div??? for the 3DMARK11. pls. clarify
  8. instead of skydiver i have submitted 3dmark06. kindly delete the score.
  9. thanks but new version which scored much better than previous versions and subsequently points are removed from the bench permanently...........
  10. there is a problem with the rules of div iii. one of the rule is use 6 cores in total and another rule is use 1 core. when i try to submit, i get an error, "use one processor core in total - your submission doesn't comply to this rule." same problem with all 3 stages of this div. kindly fix this.
  11. i was also not getting my season started with only competition points. one new submission with hardware or global points started the season 2020 for me.
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