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Digg_de - Core 2 Quad Q9650 @ 4950MHz - 9min 18sec 109ms SuperPi - 32M


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Guest Digg_de

Thanks ;)
Vcore is pretty low, but VTT is maxed out.. 1.70v. And that holding CPU back to run higher FSB i guess. I've got a better Score, but still 200ms to go for #1. Just 1MHz FSB more... AHH! xD I will try barbonet xp.. maybe a bit faster than my simple XP.

Because i want to know, i've tested a Q9550 on the P5E64 WS EVO.. 500 FSB 1:2 Strap 333 PL7. Passed 32m but freezes when i hit screenshot.exe. 
There are so much to test.. and i want to test it all. Maybe Rex can handle Quad better with only 1 Stick? Or with 2x1GB?


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Guest Digg_de

I think 534 is good. What vnb for that?

I have compared the xp i used vs. barbonet xp.. at a total time of 12min36s babronet xp is 700ms faster.

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