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Picture of the CPU (P1, K6)


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I know its old hardware, but its still fun to overclock with. The only problem with Pentium 1 and AMD k6 is that the CPUz info changes if you overclock. So you can never be 100% sure its the CPU the say it it:



Anyone knows what CPU this is :P?


So its a "heaven" for cheaters ;).


Some overclockers already have a picture of the CPUs with there score's.


So I don't know if we can make some kind of rule or something?

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That would be a good submission, the mmx versions were socket7 not socket 5. Plus the cpu spec. is correct.

I believe the p1 non mmx'z fastest was 200mhz and the score is not impossible on the aladdin.


I think it's more cpu-z can't read the clocks of the aladdin chipset, still it's a very doable run.

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I know this Problem cause I have a Pentium 1 90MHz and a Pentium 1 100MHz and the max Speed from those CPUs are 125MHz and the same with the Pentium 1 166MHz and 200MHz.

I have a lot of Pentium 1 CPUs here is the List:

Pentium 1 75MHz

Pentium 1 90MHz

Pentium 1 100MHz

Pentium 1 133MHz

Pentium 1 166MHz

Pentium 1 200MHz


If you want a Pic than you get one I wont hear that I am a cheater.

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