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  1. device ID 10de-064e Check the device id and stats with this card found in the gpu-z validations. http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/vnhpn/ Not sure whats up with this 9800 card but it does seem to exist?
  2. Please look at it this way too in that staff discussion. With no SS submissions to compare settings and hardware It kind of makes submissions useless data well at least db wise. Not having this data just chokes the bench. I rather run a bench that I can look at he SS data so i don't have to reinvent the wheel. Not out to offend anyone. You guys have a great db and that is a major part of HWbot. If the bench isn't helping the db you need to either fix it or drop it.
  3. Rules are if you mod the part it must be submitted as the original part.
  4. /begin rant "impossible score at given settings. might be a cheat" Would it be to much to ask if the mods could refrain from using the "cheat" word, maybe just use "possible bugged run"? I'm sure it would reduce some of the hostilities in the forum, I know there are cheaters out there and I have no objection to calling a cheat a cheat but the majority are playing by the rules and a little diplomacy can go a long way. /end rant
  5. I think packet may be right so could you check this guys? I would need the 2 to compare not just the top 100. lmao sorry man here http://www.hwbot.org/compare.do?resultId=861420 and http://www.hwbot.org/compare.do?resultId=856432 same score same gear diff team? is that allowed? im fairly new thanks
  6. I'm sure I'm missing something here but If it don't work why bother to block it? I mean what could he possibly do to beat a sli'ed vista setup where it does work and if he can well it would be time to look at it.
  7. It's all good jmke I'm sure it's sortable.
  8. Sorry, I thought he was speaking of the blocked score....
  9. TY good read, just wondering tho would that not mean it's mostly fixed? @ Dualist was there a discussion tread at the time we could read?
  10. Then he should have made a note, passed the submission for the time being... and done some homework. "I think" shouldn't be a valid reason to block?
  11. I agree, It should not be opinion based. This was the blocked reason?
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