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Sandy Bridge + Quad CF


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Hi all!


4 GPU's on sandy bridge platform is easy with 6990's, but I have only 1 sample.

After perfect day with family, I got some time to bench.

I put 2 x 6970 card in to setup and did few benchmark runs, just for fun.


My CPU did not like to overclock at all with these cards installed, so I had to lower clocks down to 5460 :(



Intel Core i7 2600K


Kingston HyperX 2133 CL8

Antec HCP 1200W x 2

AMD 6990 x 1

AMD 6970 x 2


Here are the pictures and scores:




3 GPU 3Dmark11:



3 GPU 3Dmark03 (200K+):



4 GPU 3Dmark11:



4 GPU Hwbot Unigine:



I was surprised about the performance this setup could deliver. 6990 and 6970 are not that bad after all. CF scaling is making these cards looking good in these tests,

but still they are far away from competitors.

For gamers this sort of setup would be already too much even with 3 x 30" displays :)


That's the sunday benching from this week.

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