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  1. We are a group here in dk that's on it we take about 10-15 x 230L a year right now
  2. Looking good One of the great things with this device is that it can save old cards that would have been thrown out. I have 2 x HD5850 + 1 x GTX285 that can't run without it and now I can bench them again! Please give more pics of the soldering, might also a few pictures of how you put it together? How big soldering Iron do you needed ? Vdrop? I can't see many condensators But nice job
  3. #17 A 5.5 or more SB should do the trick. SB is the platform where cpu clocks are closest so I don't see the problem.
  4. http://img.techpowerup.org/071111/leadtek%20volt%20mod..jpg What about the few 8600GT cards that was made with 8600GTS PCB with a few components removed? It would be okay right?
  5. CUDS memory cooler: http://cuds.dk/components/com_virtuemart/shop_image/product/DSC_3069.jpg
  6. Please also send me the files Then i'll translate them into Danish!
  7. Would it be possible to get a more custom RSS from you? For example our site would like to give our users more news about what's going on in the overclocking world in Danish. So i would like to have a rss that only feeds me with competitions and frontpage news so we don't have to sort all the bad stuff away. Can you help with this?
  8. #457 they tend to release Lightning a few weeks after they are used at MOA
  9. Must be the best PR for EVGA P67 E675SLI anyone could do Can't wait for it now!
  10. Nice scores guys 10K is getting close, but we also need that for this event Let's see how close you will get to 11K instead
  11. You can't get a emergency passport and travel in EU with it?. We can get a passport like that here in dk in 1-2 days.
  12. We still haven't seen anything I think that's a complete other competition, the Hipro vs. Tin and Kingpin competition
  13. #387 bahh but yes, i will fly from CPH airport Have two hd videocams and one sd videocam with me
  14. Yeah, better to contact Xyala and then we figure out something together. I'll might get a usb video grabber so we can make a okay overall stream, but nothing as nice as we hoped
  15. s462 CPU is like shit ^^ The core dies to easy if you mount the cooler too hard. Killed a few ones. But can't tell you why and how you manage to kill that many boards same cpu each time ? and how are they killed ? blowing mosfets or?
  16. I have 4-5 Steelseries mics with two meters of cable and a on/off button that we can use And as we talked about before today, just got an extra HD videocam (but not a big one as we hoped) and a usb video grabber that works for livestream.
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