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Super Pi 1M validation refused

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I got this score denied for a reason call "sharing scores" which is not correct at all.


the score:




hardware picture (made on a mobile phone):




I do not know how to recover it... I thank you for any help here.


(please forgive my english)

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I was one of the 5 members of this bench party. Dami1stm, Westyle, Drazendead, Toyten and me where there, and there was no CPU sharing for CPU benching (according to the rules).


Toyten had a Rampage Extreme cooled by thermalright (as you can see it on the picture) and Westyle had another one, stock cooled. There was two different mainbaords, two differents LN2 pot, two differents CPUs, differents memory sticks/OS, etc...

Everyone on hwbot got E8600 and Rampage Extreme, strap 400 is needed to get 645FSB, and it means ratio 3/5 (3/2 btw, we all know that cpuz bug). As said before, two results quite similars could be done with different setups, even if i can understand moderator's point of view (similar results in the same team, the same day is strange).


I hope this will solve quickly :)



EDIT : here is some pics to help


CPUs of this bench party :



E8600s (QX6850 beetwin) :



Westyle's Rampage (stock cooling) :


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Not for every session you do you have to make pictures (although it's always nice to see people benching), but in situations where no detailed information is available having pictures is mostly the best to avoid confusion :).


If you think that there might be a problem, you can always post pictures (with or without paper). Only a matter of avoiding confusion :D

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