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  1. Same for me I had this results after only 3 results, but now, impossible to get something similar anymore It's tricky
  2. Hi guys, This week end, i'm gonna spend some time with my friend Dami1stm for short bench party. I have 2x 5870 and 1x 5850, and i will use it in a 3way Crossfire. In which category should i post the results ? 3x 5850 or 3x 5870 ? Same question for two cards. Thanks a lot.
  3. It's over now, not enough LN2 Some 05 and 06 action for me with 295 SLI, single for Brice28. He also played with a few 275 Some Xeon & i7 860 also for me.
  4. Ticket ID: 607 Priority: Medium Hi,\r\n\r\nI have a Xeon 3450, part of the Xeon 3400 Family, which are similar to i7 800. Mine is like a i7 850. Is it possible to add the category please ?\r\n\r\nThx
  5. We are back. Today, tomorrow and sunday, Brice28 and me will enjoy some LN2 with a lot of hardware. Because we don't want to have any problems, even if we won't use the same hardware because i'm more CPU, he's more 3D, here is a listing of our hardware, pics will follow tomorrow. i7 975, 920 (x2), 860 (x2), X3450 i5 750 (x2) Phenom II X4 TWKR, 965 & 955 Q9550, E8600 and several other 775 cpus.. eVGA X58 Classified Asus P6T6 WS Revo DFI UT X8 T3eH8 DFI DK 790FX M3H5 MSI 790FX GD70 MSI P55 GD65 eVGA P55 FTW 3x GTX 295 (1 eVGA, 2 MSI) 3x GTX 285 (1 MSI, 2 Zotac) 4x GTX 275 (1 MSI, 3 eVGA) 3x HD 4890 (Club 3D, Sapphire & MSI) 2x GTX 260 (MSI) Memory from GSkill (Perfect Storm, Trident & Ripjaws). Not enough time nor LN2 to do everything we wish, but we'll do our best My own hw :
  6. f*cking cheaters...: you're damned right, unfortunately...What's about everest bandwidth ? too hard to write some rules ?
  7. I have talk about this with Massman, but i think both achievments Hardware Master and Hardware Junkie must be cumulative. Because get 50+ cups is one thing, get 300hwboints it's another thing, even it's both fights in hardware category... So someone like Hipro should have 3 achievments for example...
  8. It was exactly my meaning Jody But you're true, if everyone have to open a CPU Z window, it's fair enough.
  9. Everest would be a nice idea too, but due to several version issues, maybe it will be too hard to make a fair ranking...
  10. We can make it on Spi, but there is 3DM01 LCC challenge and of course we can make it with other benchmarks But hte idea is here, the goal is not to make a high score but a real optimized score. This will give a chance to people wo don't have a lot of money to have some fun (and cups )
  11. Hi there I just want to give you my idea. I don't know how to prevent from cheaters, but it could be a great thing if there is a competition on LCC. For example, on XS, a lot of guys try Spi32M low clock challenge. I thought awarding this by cups (no hwboints) could be a good thing. To be continued
  12. For sure, one of my 285, and a Rampage Extreme, and probably the 2 E8600 and my 790i... I perfectly understand for my 285 because of the voltage i set, but no reasons for the 2 mainboard and CPUs. Seems the RE died, kills the first CPU, then the CPU killed the 790i and it killed the 2nd CPU :D:D Damned ! Anyway, we are happy because everything goes right, and we make all we need to do on X58, exept wPrime on Casimir's CPU, but there is 10L of LN2 left, so i think he will do it soon !
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