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learning whats what?? but still clueless lol


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Hello ladies and Gentlemem,


I recently built my first gaming PC and need some advice..  


My System

Corsair 5000X ql case

Intel I9-13900k

Asus Z790-A D4 gaming motherboard

Kingston 32gb 3200 rgb white ram

TT 360 AIO CPU cooler

samsung 980 pro 1tb m.2 ssd

Firecuda 530 2tb m.2 ssd

Evga 3080ti RGB ultra gaming GPU

Asus 850w gold PSU


This motherboard pretty much sets everything up as AI optimized and im having issues with temp.    Under normal gaming conditions things are fine.   runs at 64C.  How ever when I benchmark using Intel ETU or Cinebench R23 or Novabench It hits 100C package temp and thermal throttling occurs!!  When it comes to using AI suit 3 or the Intel ETU im pretty much clueless and need some help getting my temps down..    


what settings can i mess with to help get temps down?    Does anyone else use the Asus Z790-a strix motherbaord?   Any bios recommendations?    I basically guessed after watching a few youtube videos!!     Ive tried a few different adjustments.   Sometimes they seem ok and other times it crashes.     Ideally what i want is a stable system that preforms to the best of its ability with out hitting thay 100C mark during benchmarking.   


thanks for any advice as im a true newbie learning pretty much everything from the ground up!!

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Do you have AI overclock tuner set to auto (as leeghoofd said, some screenshots would be nice)? Chances are that it overvolts your CPU way more than it needs to be able to run at higher clocks. The 13900K already is a hothead and bumping the voltages just makes things worse.

Can you, apart from some bios screenshots, also share some screenshots of CPU-z and HWMonitor when it running one of those benches ?

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