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If you are into xoc and hardmods you might be interested in some of the projects in this post. I made a couple of KiCAD projects in the past and didn't like that they were only available to a couple of people or even got left behind altogether. That's why I created this post to make some of these projects available to the public, for personal use and to be modded for all kinds of hardware.
It'll take me a couple of weeks to get everything up here so stay tuned.

Here is a quick guide on how to order the pcbs:

  1. upload the .zip named "xxx - production files" to JLCPCB (or any other fab of your liking)
  2. change the manufacturing settings to what is specified in the .txt named "xxx - production settings"
  3. order your desired quantity and start modding

Somehow all files got corrupted and until I have more time only the productuion files will be available.


Fujitsu Adapter


This pcb is meant for Fujitsu cap replacement on Rampage Extremes and other hardware with that type of capacitor. It's been tested by a couple of people and don't worry the additional pcb is not a problem for FSB or memory oc. If you are looking for recommendations part numbers are included in the KiCAD project (and make sure that the caps are under 2mm tall for the nb cap).

If you have any suggestions or ideas feel free to write me or add the yourself in the KiCAD project.

Some pictures of the end result by @TheQuentincc


and also by @TerraRaptor



Production files.zip






This pcb is an addition for your EVC or hardmod to avoid soldering wires direcly to your precious hardware. I still have to test some more pogo pins but version P75-B1 should fit (just make sure that your pogo pins are under 1,10 mm in diameter). On the EVC side you can use straight or angled pin headers or sockets with a 2,54 mm pitch to connect jumper cables or wires. And for connecting the pogo pins to your hardware I'd suggest using a fair amount of hot glue to keep everything in place (put some IPA in the crack between hot glue and pcb and the whole thing will fall off).

Some pictures of the end result


POGO-CON - production files.zip



In the past I used a CPU container on GPUs and build some sort of stand for it. The whole thing was a bit too redneck for me and I made a PCB that has ATX-MB mounting holes and can be screwed directly on top of your PCB or be placed beside your system. I used M3x70mm standoffs but you could  easily use 50mm (or even shorter ones) for that. The grid cutout is meant for a optional 80mm fan that you can screw in from the bottom for VRM cooling. And you even have a small area in the bottom right corner to sign your PCB so it doesn't get lost at the next bench session.
A 30cm riser cable is plenty but 20cm might be a little tight. And don't worry about flexing i only measured 1mm with my KingPin container.

Some pictures of the end result

GPU-RISER - production files.zip


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