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  1. I agree, this should be limited to 8/8.1 and up (if it's not bugged out), a bit like the "WINDOWS 8/8.1/10 RESTRICTIONS" from the general rules which prohibit using pre-skylake HW on 8/8.1/10 if it's not valided by custom validation tools/benchmate. For reminder : on pre-skylake HW the BCLK might affect how the RTC is generated and so the calculated taken time to finish the benchmark resulting in an invalid result, more info here : General Rules (hwbot.org)
  2. +1, HD47xx series are very uncommon, for instance there is like 8 cards total available in France. Also, I think something like Cape verde for stage 1 and GM107 or GK107 for stage 2 would be fun as well.
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