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DDR3 Submission Not Global Record (Yet Is)?

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Could one of you guys tell me a few things about my submission here, I'm new to submitting so it may just be me but this doesn't look right




I think that should be 8th place in the world records, yet it is not but it says so on the submission page, it only shows 8th place if you click DDR3. And also, why does that say it is not my only submission for memory ranks when it is, and so it's not ranked for DDR3, yet in the ranks it is?


Thanks guys, seems screwy I think?

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Ahh ok buddy, thanks!


I know you guys are busy busy here :D Just didn't know somethings needed manually approved, but I can see why they should be so no worries.


What about the rest of my question, why does it say that is not my best so no DDR3 rank, when it is my only submission?

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