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Baned on discord for what ?


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I was banned on discord because Benchmate does not support soc775. And I said directly that the most popular platform should not be limited by the fact that some software does not work properly, and I think that as BM is paid by users from HWbot it should be withdrawn from problematic validations. Of course my posts were deleted and I was banned. Why was anyone worried about their money? I don't understand, I guess everyone can express their opinion, unless it is contrary to someone's interests (financial intentions).

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I was not part of the discussion but from my knowledge on this topic:

- costs for BM are way higher than money comes from patreon

- supporting s 775 is a huge task, because of dozens of different platforms

- workforce however is needed on supporting the newest platforms, because they have the highest priority 

- BM is not needed for 775, you can submit without it (except CB23)

Mat is doing this as volunteer, so he decides on what he wants to work. I think it should be known in general, that telling someone how he has to spend his freetime is not a fine move.

btw, BM 11.3 should support s775 to some point again.

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BM works fine on S775, e.g. https://hwbot.org/submission/5403881_


You need to download the manual install archive and use that one. There are a couple of batch files that install the required certificates to run the app and you have to make sure to install some Windows 7 updates to support new certificates (I also installed some convenience updates for W7).

Mind you, there's a bug in Windows which results in BM not starting the first few minutes, it's a bit annoying but that's what it is.

Also, you can not submit from Windows 7 due to certificate issues, but you can just copy the result folder to another pc and submit them using that.


It works pretty fine, as long as you don't change the FSB in Windows itself (it messes up the timers).


//edit: shout out the the BM developers for actually still wanting to support this OS which is EOL, even the ESU period ended early this year.

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