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Seby9123 - Ryzen Threadripper 7980X @ 6263.9MHz - 683783 MIPS 7-Zip


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9 hours ago, unityofsaints said:

Sure or I could fly to the U.S. and check out the screen in person. Point being, there is 0 reason to bench on 4K or ultrawide and even if you do you can reduce the res...

Here are several reasons :D

- he has a 4K, he wants to use it

- to piss off @unityofsaints (bonus points - there is BM on the screenshot)

- everything in 'Murica is big

- because why not

Jokes aside, sometimes I bench on my main monitor (2K), just because it is more convenient, especially if it is the current 24/7 system and I'm benching on the chiller. And main reason - because I am lazy.

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I bench on my daily setup with a capture card, and I use a LG CX 48 as my main monitor, so 4K is super readable. 

With no drivers installed, you can’t change the resolution, and changing the scaling messed with some programs especially OCTool, though I have a solution to that, and a way to force 1440p, I just didn’t bother because the extra resolution makes it easy to have hwinfo (3 tabs wide), cpuz, oc tool, and cinebench all open, since hitting positive temps on this platform is real and I wanted to see how bad it was sometimes (across 64 or 96 cores)

Besides, the scaling on the benchmate window makes it the same percent size as on a 1080p monitor, making it equally easy to get all the info.


(PS pro tip, to fix how windows scaling applies to HWINFO and OCTool, right click the exe, properties, compatibility tab, high DPI settings, change the bottom dropdown to System (Enhanced). I usually do just bench with 150% scaling)


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