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Current motherboard hardware lookup has errors

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I did a Hardware, Motherboard, LGA-1151 v2, z390 and then LGA-1151, z170 lookup from our (HWBot) DB to see its info. I’ve done this many times before to see which maker and model (ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, ECT,ECT) has the most or best submissions. I first did the asus z390 WS Pro and it showed 0 submissions even though the main page showed 116 submissions. I then looked up the asus z170 Maximus VIII Extreme, Gene, Hero, and Impact. They all showed more that a 1000 submissions but when I clicked on them they showed ~ 15 submissions. I’m used to being able to see how the MB did on the the different 2d benching categories (SuperPi, Cinebench, WinPrime, ect) and what OC the MB is capable of.

Is there something wrong with our motherboard DB? I also tried a look up of the GTX-680 by using the Hardware, Video Cards, Nvidia GeForce 600 Series(13,xxx subs) but clicking on it would not bring up the 3d benching categories. I was able to do a search from the main page and bring up the info on the gtx-680?

Thank You 🙂

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