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13900k+Apex Encore 1101+T-Force XTREEM 8000mhz 2x24 Going nuts...

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Well I have been fighting with this setup for well Days I know IMC SP does not mean much, but CPU is P:115 E:91 IMC:83 paired with an ASUS z790 Apex Encore with T-Force XTREEM 8000mhz CL38 2x24.

So far I have only been able to get the kit 100% rock solid stable for 7200mhz CL34 the slower kits timings/voltages of the same series, 7600mhz CL36 was stable until I started messing with things trying to shoot for 7800-8000mhz so back to 7200mhz cl34, not sure if I forgot to write down a setting for 7600mhz cl36 or what. It's been a long 4-5 days with little sleep fighting with this.

I wanted to check if my correction bracket was too tight or if my IMC sucked so I set my SA voltages to 1.12v Then ran Karhu with my ram at 7200mhz cl34, and it didn't skip a beat. So the IMC is not abysmal, the correction bracket is not on too tight it should have been like nope with the SA set to 1.12v....

Have tried other kits timings, messing with the timings manually without xmp, only thing I have gathered is my cpu is a baseline lottery the IMC is not abysmal my Thermalright correction bracket is not on too tight.  Yet yeah everything I have tried at 7600-8000mhz has not ended well. So I am stumped at this point. I noticed this kit is on the QVL for the 14th gen cpu's but not the 13th gen K cpu's like none of the XTREEM kits are. I know someone here has been running the kit stable, but it appears to be on the Apex gen I z790. Not even sure if that matters with the ram not being on 13th gen K but on 14th gen or not that is the only crazy thing I can think of. Was really hoping to run like 7200mhz cl30 or 7600mhz cl34 or 7800-8000mhz cl34-38.... The original owner of the board was using g.skill ram was able to get 8400 or so easily. I personally have had zero success got this XTREEM ram for the rule of cool, plus its overkill heatsinks are very very nice....

It just hit me when my 7600mhz tune became unstable I was benching, and really oced my gpu hard. I do not have the pcie supplemental power cable plugged into my Apex Encore. I know when I really push my 4090 oc my cpu score starts to go down. Could the ram instability be caused by my gpu sucking too much power from the board and the 24pin? Because I just set my gpu closer to stock and tada my 7600mhz rune is now stable again... Just a crazy idea....

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I have messed with the IMC, IVR, SA, both dimms voltages, xmp 1, 2, XMP manual, no xmp with manually put in settings, Maximus 1 and 2. Karhu seems to crash pretty quick I have yeeted the ram voltages up to 1.5 along with trying everything else getting more time out of Karhu. Most I have been able to get stable is 7200mhz cl34, 7600mhz cl36 and 7600mhz cl34. 7800 I can get about 10-15 or so minutes into karhu before a crash, 8000mhz yeah.... 














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I figured it out the apex encore on TeamGroup's faster kits sets the SA VID to 1.233v.... other motherboard manufacturers same kit the SA VID is being set to 1.25 for 8000mhz xmp and 1.3v for 8200mhz xmp.  Tried 1.24 didnt like that one bit, put it up to 1.25v and boom stable. The SA VID 1.233v auto voltage the Apex Encore sets teamgroups faster kits to is only good to about 7600mhz.

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