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plz help me whit a skulli.


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hi to all of you.

i am new here.

my name is david i am from belgium.


i have a problem whit my skulli.

the last 3 days i try to oc it to 4G on air.

it boots to vista at 1.4Vcore but its totali onstabel


the rest of the specs ar

1 d5400xs

2 xq9775

2 zalman 9500 temps low 30°c ideal to hi 40°c full laod @ stock settings.

at 4Ghz the max temps gose up to low 60°c whit 1,4Vcore

4g kingstone pc2-5300 cl5 (4*1g)

1 wd3200ajs

1 asus eah3870 top

1 lg dvd-rw

1 lg rvr-rom

cooler master upc 900w psu


what whil the bleu screen meens.

is it wrong to go above 1,4Vcore whit bad airflow in my f*** up thermaltake xaser 3.


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pzl help, how khan i fix it.

1,45Vcore i khan do Wprime 32M and 1024M but 3dmark vantage fails at the physics test.

somtimes i got,hardware stop cal your hardware vendor or the pich in my other post

the temp @1,45Vcore ar low 60°c at full load

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Are you overclocking using the FSB or Multiplier?


i have just rais the multipier form 8 to 10.even at 9 its not 3dmax vantage stabel,

at 4ghz whit 1,45Vcore is it possibel to do a compleet run of 3bmark01 , 03 , and 05 the rest of 3dmark or pcmark ar not stabel

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i just did it.a kompleet run of 3dmark vantage at 4G whit vcore 1,5 but the temps on air ar realy hi.

low temp

cpu 1 / core 0 = 23°c , core 1 = 23°c , core 2 = 35°c , core 3 = 35°c

cpu 2 / core 0 = 42°c , core 1 = 36°c , core 2 = 41°c , core 3 = 41°c

max temp

cpu 1 / core 0 = 58°c , core 1 = 54°c , core 2 = 56°c , core 3 = 54°c.

cpu 2 / core 0 = 68°c , core 1 = 64°c , core 2 = 64°c , core 3 = 62°c


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