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Order of excuses

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Good, I come here only to leave my order of excuses for all community of Overclock, I know that many do not go to very bind, that they are not there nor, but I are very ashamed with everything this, I was so fascinated with everything, and leaving I finished me blind making to arrive, me at this point, my great dream is to be to overclocker, and makes what I can one day to be clearly that not of this form, but studying, today I do not obtain to look in the mirror.


My repentance is enormous, would like to be able to come back behind and to make the different things. E for everything deserved yes one ban perpetual and is grateful for being of one year, much exactly! It helps me to this to surpass this and to have a possibility one year and to run again behind everything, all we know that we wrongs in diverse things in the life, and learn with them, I already learned much thing and this was the one that more taught to me, therefore above all has that to have respect for all, and I did not make nothing of this if to be better of what nobody, to pass over nobody, nor nothing of this, personally knows many me of other things, ideas and all more, I am not bad with nobody, I have many friends of years that consider me a lot and they know nor me personally, and are my friends not for over, but knowing for me exactly, was a great error and lost the respect with many people, but I wait to recoup, many helping are me in this hour giving a new chance to me supporting, me at this difficult moment that I feel a treasonous one, but not for wanting, but therefore he was blind and without thinking very about this.


They can look for to ask a cause to me, why, I have diverse problems and already I passed for much thing in my life and still I come passing, but I do not advance nothing to speak here of this, few would go to understand



I today have shame of speaking with my friends of overclock, that they had always twisted for me, it is a community and it would like to clearly leave that the guilt is alone mine, nobody of the team had guilt or wise person of something, would be worse still if somebody was accused or guilty with something. I know that the time goes to be able to show that I am sorry same, and go to surpass this and to give the return superficially, but knows that this goes to serve me in many other things in my life. It would like to thank the Hwbot and to the friends of mine It has for the chance to receive me and I feel very for having disappointed to all. When to come back would like to come back with another one nick, new life, and asked for to the God pra to take off this my pain of the way until there, therefore this feeling is very bad. I wait that they accept my excuses.


Sorry a lot and my bad english

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It was a dumb thing to do and think you can get away with it. Good on you for having the courage to speak like this but now you need to bare the punishment for such actions. When you do come back (if you do) be prepared to be under a lot more scrutiny than you ever was and be prepared to go out of your way to show you are 100% legit.

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You earned a small amt of respect back for coming here and owning up, some others caught in similar circumstances are not remotely capable of that. Personally I find it difficult to trust anyone once they've done something like this...I hope you prove me wrong.

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I think is very dificult to believe in you after it hapens, but i feel happy you are here to clear and i think the shame is a hard punishment.

I hope it can teach you the truth is many more important that to be a great overclocker.

I hope to see a new guy next year.

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