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Stelaras - Core i7 Extreme 965 @ 4900MHz - 28311 marks PCMark 2005


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Chill out dude, Stelaras was probably on his mini cascade but didn't mention it. While submitting a result, if you don't choose the cooling you used and upload the score, it's always uploaded with the first choice checked. Which is the first choice? Stock cooling.


There you go. It's not a conspiracy theory and for sure he is not bullshiting you. Stelios just forgot. Chill out DAWG :P

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Thats bullshit right there bro...lol 965 is a CO stepper and would have ran above 100 decgrees + in temps! ON STOCK COOLING! we want 2 see the proof!

First of all , congrats for your attitude ...


Now , about this score. You probably don't know about the submission methods at 2009 (Did you check the submission date ?) , as you joined hwbot at February 2011 . If you check some old threads you'll understand .




This score submission was done through the forum bot scanner. The submission link is right here : http://www.pctechnology.gr/vbull/vb/showpost.php?p=463029&postcount=40


The cpu was subzero cooled . A cascade was used at -100C .

There was no option to select cooling method through the bot scanner back then .


Thanks .

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