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  1. Hey , thank you ! I decided to spend some time with the board and my opinion is that I don't like this platform to be honest . :D I also made a better score with the same CPU and strangely both are up . I'll try to block this one or recalculate it and maybe it will disappear from the top scores .
  2. Kotori-san , P3C-D has the ability to use 100 to 180 FSB with 3 Mhz steps . Maybe a different crystal is enough , but i don't know if USB would continue to work properly . I have a turbo-PLL solution almost ready to be used , but zafiropo didn't want to mess with his board! I can also tell that board is slow . I tried some Spi1M runs but it's very slow compared to the BX chipset , so it just doesn't worth it (except for the benches that are not bandwidth hungry) .
  3. Thank you Griff ! Once again your team produced some very strong results ! You have some very capable guys in your team
  4. I remember seeing an error while installing the version 8 , but you just have to continue the installation ignoring the error . To be honest , i'm not sure VIA is faster . I have seen dozen of benchmarks from the old days till today . Also , wprime doesn't care about memory speed and cache (L2 or L3) . The benefit of the L3 was very small (Just a few points if my memory serves me right .
  5. Thank you Stermy ! Your last run was very strong ! I tried to reach it with the same board (440bx) but couldn't . I managed to run the rage128 pro card up to 185/205
  6. Can AIDA really tell if your rage card is 64bit or 128bit ? To be honest i'm not sure . I have tested 10+ cards and only one of them was reported as 128bit by AIDA . Of course i couldn't see any performance difference from the other 64bit cards (as reported by AIDA) . I believe the best way is to read the core letters after removing the heatsing ( GL & VR revision )
  7. Java was jre-8u65-windows-i586 But to be honest , looking at "Dead things" score , his run was way more efficient . Dead Things`s HWBOT Prime score: 683.23 pps with a K6-2+ 550MHz Thank you both !
  8. Thank you both Considering it's a dual CPU board it did great . I wasn't expecting to max-out the PLL at 180MHz to be honest . Kotori-san , as i can tell by looking at your score , our runs were pretty close in efficiency . RDRAM doesn't help Pentium-III CPUs and performs close to SD-RAM . I believe the main reason i got to 12K was because of the CPU . If i had your SH6 board i'm sure i would have scored way higher . The 1000EB CPU was only at 2.05V & -30C . It was enough for booting , entering windows and running the benches . Totally stable at 180MHz FSB . Thank you again for your kind words !
  9. For me is pretty simple . Either you follow the rules , or you are not . There are not grey areas . That's the way I work/play/live . At the end of the day , clean conscience is all that matters to me . Quadro2 pro cards are NV15GL are able to overclock a bit better from the ultra cards . Especially regarding memory clocks . I tested at least a dozen of various cards during last year . There are some very few exceptions of course . Geforce2 cards are starving for memory bandwidth , so even a small raise in memory clocks can skyrocket the score . And as you can see the retail GF2 ultra's are pretty consistent and they max out at around 275Mhz . Even a 50Mhz core o/c can't reach a 10-15Mhz memory raise . @TAGG , there are still quadro2 pro scores posted . The topic wasn't only for you . PS . I'm not a bad guy . Please don't make me feel like i'm doing something wrong here .
  10. I feel sad seeing people posting with quadro2 pro cards modded & flashed with ultra bios . The rules were clear and it was also asked about a month ago . http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=166808&page=4
  11. Amazing CPU GRIFF ! Congratulations for the efficient run Can you please write the stepping and date details of that CPU ? Is it a Malaysian ? I'm pretty sure that Northwood efficiency is due to the shorter pipeline stages (20 northwood - 30 prescott)
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