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  1. Payment received for 4870x2. Package is ready and plan is to ship tomorrow. Update: Shipped 4870x2 & LN2 SOC .
  2. Just an update ... EVBOT shipped last week. LN2 board is paid and remains to be shipped.
  3. Hey Scott ! Hope everything is going well with you my friend ! Technically, I'm not exiting . I've been on the ice for many years without benching , without caring about benchmarks and new hardware ... and as a result not visiting hwbot and any other hardware sites . Right now, my plan is to keep only the old hardware which i really love. I can spend some hours on my beloved 386 or 486 , playing some old DOS games for example For start, i think i will sell almost everything i have that is made after 2006. That means i will keep my 939. It's the only PCIE platform that i'm thinking to keep. I'm still not touching my AGP platforms/hardware. Maybe after some more years i will sell some more ... but the P2-P3 era is the limit and i'd like to keep everything older than that.
  4. Hello ! It's been a few years since i last benched... and honestly i don't know if i will ever come back. I moved twice during the last 3 years and i don't know what and where is every of my hardware. Anyway, I managed to find some stuff and decided to start selling. I have more things that i may sell in the future. I need to find them and catalogue them ... test them ... etc So , here is some things for start... 1) Gigabyte Z97 SOC FORCE LN2 - SOLD This board is totally unused. Never got out of the box ... with all accessories. I know it's a very rare item and there are both collectors and benchers looking for it. 2) EVGA Evbot - SOLD v Boxed ... CD & cables .... in amazing condition still wrapped 3) ATI 2900XT - Fully Boxed I have this one for nearly 10 years and never touched it. Price : 90 Euro 4) ATI 2900XT - Unboxed A second 2900XT ... no boxes/ accesories. Price : 50 Euro 5) Gainward 4870x2 Rampage 700 Edition GS GLH . It's a triple slot monster and one of the best binned cards - SOLD! https://www.computerbase.de/2008-12/test-gainward-rampage-700-gs-glh/ 6) Nvidia 7900GTX 512MB Price : 50 Euro 7) Ati Radeon X850XT - PCIE 256MB Price : 45 Euro 8 ) Nvidia 6800GT PCIE 256MB Price : 45 Euro If someone wants two or more parts, especially if one of the heavy boxed parts is in his list , i will make a bit better price for shipping. Thank you!
  5. I might sell mine for the right price... It's boxed ... with full accessories ... never used. Just , "NEW and UNUSED" PM if interested
  6. Hey , thank you ! I decided to spend some time with the board and my opinion is that I don't like this platform to be honest . :D I also made a better score with the same CPU and strangely both are up . I'll try to block this one or recalculate it and maybe it will disappear from the top scores .
  7. Kotori-san , P3C-D has the ability to use 100 to 180 FSB with 3 Mhz steps . Maybe a different crystal is enough , but i don't know if USB would continue to work properly . I have a turbo-PLL solution almost ready to be used , but zafiropo didn't want to mess with his board! I can also tell that board is slow . I tried some Spi1M runs but it's very slow compared to the BX chipset , so it just doesn't worth it (except for the benches that are not bandwidth hungry) .
  8. Thank you Griff ! Once again your team produced some very strong results ! You have some very capable guys in your team
  9. I remember seeing an error while installing the version 8 , but you just have to continue the installation ignoring the error . To be honest , i'm not sure VIA is faster . I have seen dozen of benchmarks from the old days till today . Also , wprime doesn't care about memory speed and cache (L2 or L3) . The benefit of the L3 was very small (Just a few points if my memory serves me right .
  10. Thank you Stermy ! Your last run was very strong ! I tried to reach it with the same board (440bx) but couldn't . I managed to run the rage128 pro card up to 185/205
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