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ScunnyUK - Core i7 2600K @ 5356MHz - 144sec 375ms wPrime 1024m


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Hi George, I have all kinds of wierd problems with this board but it seems ok running with tRCD at 9 :)

With my first board, the Rev B2 before I swapped out for this B3, it was ok running tRCD at 8 (6-8-6-24),on the 1:8 divider. Now though Im not sure if my chip and / or ram are degrading ( I have been taking it very easy on them , imc has never been above 1.35v :P) or possibly need to go back to an older bios.

Have you been having problems with it George? :)

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Hmm this is interesting, we just had a memory comp at OCN and some of us couldnt push bclk any higher than 101bclk on the 1:8 divider while others could reach 105bclk easily. I thought this was due to different sets of ram being better and / or good imc.But after your comment about problems with tRCD running at 9 I just anilized the results more closley and noticed that all the guys who can achieve over 101bclk on the 1:8 divider have had to use tRCD at 10.

I think I need to test this and speek to some of those guys to see if they have problems with tRCD 9 :D

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