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Windows 8 anyone?


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Saw S_A_V's result in PCM :D

Win8 leaked on torrents few weeks ago, very early version, but at least possible to run some benchmarks.

Anyone tried?


Right now I installed 7989 build, but unable to run CPU-Z and most benchmarks, it freeze system, only mouse moving, but nothing happen.

Same with 3Dmark03. Aquamark, superpi works.


Heaven unable to run bench on xtreme, says D3D fail change resolution etc.


Tried on EVGA P67 platform with GTX 590's, driver from NV 275.33.

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CPUZ can run on Windows 8 with ACPI disabled in ini file but shows wrong BCLK on Sandy (dont tried with other CPUs yet).

That's why I used ThottleStop instead of CPUZ to see/show CPU clock.


3Dmark03-05-06 and PCMark05 can run on Windows 8 with -nosysteminfo key.


Also you can try to add Windows 8 "support" to video drivers - just replace NTx86.6.1 to NTx86.6.2 (for x86)

or NTamd64.6.1 to NTamd64.6.2 (for x64) in nv_disp.inf or CWxxxxx.inf/C7xxxxxx.inf files.

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