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I don t understand one thing


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I received a

"hwbot - one of your submissions has been blocked‏"

This was the reason the user gave:resolution hidden in screenshot You can view your result here: http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=852250


I not only posted the resolution because i coudn t fit all the screens in the main screen of the notebook.


I never try to post results for forge any score.

Please review the place.

Thank you and sorry me for extra work, and my broken english

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For notebook vga cards, it's very important to see the benchmark resolution, because a lot of notebooks are not capable of running 3DMark06 at standard resolution (1280x1024). I think it's the same problem in your case: you ran the benchmark at maximum resolution of your screen, which is 1024x768. Benching at a lower resolution makes your scores higher and thus incomparable with the others.

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Problem is to acctually remeber to hook up the external one for the 3dm06 run...


I've borked a couple of 3dm06 laptop runs that way, altho I've remebered most of the tmes. It's a pita to go back and redo the bench when it's brought to attention a few weeks later lol

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