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who cares about HelpCenter ?!


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Yeah, patience. Last time I wanted something added I did hold off almost a week before inquiering about it. It still took another two or three days before it was settled. No panic. My benches was stored on a usb stick and waiting for the hardware to be added to the database :)

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Really? What was that white car you had this winter? Suzuki?


P.S.: Turrican is really one of the nicest guys in the OC community, he's always there to help. Keep up the good work, Karl-Christian! ;)


Thank you Niko:ws:


no, the white suzuki was my old car i used to drive since i had a driving licence (~112k km, but still runs without problems).

i think with the new one i'll have problems to get a cascade in. :D


i posted some pics of it here @ ocxtreme. the car was my "life dream":banana:



in the background you also see the old car. :P

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you created this topic because people are not allowed to have a personal life?


do you think that you are the only team that works for free and have many users ?!


see my friend , if a group create a website they have to be responsible about their users it's way that we call some bodies Moderator !


I know that turrican and anybody else here works for free and has personal life , I understand this but users have the right to complain about their tickets and ... too .


I think it's good that you add an other moderator from your team to assist Turrican .


Good Luck


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