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hello? Whats wrong with this?...

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An ORB link is mandatory for top20.


It seems that FM has a lot of problems with orb validations. I have a 106k and my friend has a 160k, both are non-publishable on the orb. That's, however, very difficult for us to moderate since we have no guarantee that results are legit. I'm not saying we don't have faith that you're completely okay, it's just ... if we validate yours, we kinda have to validate everyone's. And thus possibly those of people who use illegal 'tweaks' to boost their scores.


I hope you understand this a bit :(

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I asked them what was wrong with my submission and this was the answer:


It seems like the benchmark files are corrupted in your system. The benchmark checked its own files and found that some of the files have been tampered and it can not verify its own integrity, possible reasons are: you have renamed some of the files, there is some sort of virus in your system that has attached itself to the files, some program has put a run-time hook on the .dll files (similar to what 3DAnalyze used to do in the olden days). These come to mind when this error occurs.


The rule with this particular error in this benchmark is that we can not reset the flag as the benchmark thinks it is invalid and 3DM03 does not send the checking data to the server like later versions of the benchmark does so we can not verify the exact reason for this flag.


I only installed 3DMark03 ^^

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