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Bug in 1950XT CF category

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seems some old results have been looked at as new ones, mixing up the ranking in the 03 and 06 category of the 1950XT Crossfire ranking. Would be nice if this could be fixed, against the showing in the result this is still 4th place in the 3D06 and same in the 03- since I´m not the only one who is touched by the bug I thought I give a hint here

Example- 4th place in the list- ranked as 5th as result with the points for 5th place only;)


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thanks for the fast work, but in the 3D03 of 1950XT Crossfire the same problem remains, no1 result is ranked as number two with points and place for the bencher, and the same with the following places (result two - points and shown as no3 and so on). Am3, 3D01 and 05 are not bugged.

Best regards



Here is an example- the result is the Number one 3D03 but shown to be just number two and rewarded with the points for second place


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example to make the case easier
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