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Maximum score of HD4850


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Why am I submit new thread with that title? Because in my country there is one person who can scoring 12.739 on GPU Score at 3D Mark Vantage with HD4850.


This is the Screenshot



Can that be happen without cheat or photoshop or something like that? Or there are many tweaks in that benchmark?


And can that be valid score if submitting on HWBOT??


I ask in here, because the person who has the score wouldn't tell me how he can reach that score..


He just said, doing that with tweaks, but I don't believe that, because I think there is an anomaly score in that benchmark.



I will appreciate of any information.. Thanks before... :)


Edit : Can be possible could GPU Test 2 two times higher than GPU Test 1?

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It's not about percentages you gain by tweaking, it's just that GT1 and GT2 are very close to each other in Vantage. Sometimes there's a difference, but absolutely postively never this big. 50FPS in GT2 is not possible on single 4850; never gonna happen.


Might be a bug, don't jump to "cheat"-conclusions, but if this score is in some sort of competition I wouldn't accept it ;).

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