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BenchZowner - GeForce 8800 GT 512 Mb @ 999/999MHz - 56964 marks 3DMark03


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Damn, that reminds me that I forgot to upload the 3D Mark01 SE bugged score... 66666 marks with the card at 666MHz/666MHz :P


Score's abnormal for the clocks.

Been thinking that it's the BIOS's fault.


Gonna have to make sure tomorrow or the day after, I plan to test all the MIVG-Z BIOSes to see what's what.

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You bought BF3 yet Albrecht ?

Been long time since I kicked your butt in BFBC2.


I "Intended" to play some BF3 yesterday, "gets the eVGA out of the closet... presses the power button... nothing happens.not working at all. Inspection = dead DrMOS"


Wanted to play some this morning... cleans the Gene-Z from vaseline... power button... nada! Nothing! WTF.

Several minutes later, magnifying glass inspection, momentarily I see something in the 2nd PCIe slot... let's check it out... eek! a pin is out in the air in the slot, contacting the opposite pin causing a short-circuit.

How did that happen ? I've got no clue.

Didn't have any card in that slot lately, neither did something to the slot the last 3 days.

At least it was fixable :D

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