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Gaming Performance: What really matters...

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If you're a computer & gaming forums freak I'm fairly sure that you've seen people asking if buying a faster memory ( RAM ) kit will give them more fps in their favorite games, others asking how to overclock their Sandy Bridge 2500K to 5GHz for 24/7 usage in order to "remove" the bottleneck placed by the CPU and to "unleash" their graphics card's performance beast.

Not to forget the infamous "HyperThreading myth", I'm pretty sure that you've seen people claiming that you should disable Intel's HyperThreading if you game because you're losing some performance, etc etc.

I've seen every little thing mentioned as a "game changer" without any facts, no proof, no testing done, nothing, just claims from various users on various forums.


I think it's time to find a crazy person to spend a few hours ( like 250 hours of testing :P ) to put everything to the test:


CPU Frequency with a single-GPU/VGA

CPU Frequency with a multi-GPU setup/VGA

CPU UnCore/NB Frequency

Memory Frequency

PCI-Express BUS Frequency

HyperThreading: Enabled vs Disabled

BCLK: Stock vs Higher ( same CPU, UnCore, RAM, etc clocks )

Sound Card: On-board vs Add-on

etc etc


That's what I did :P

I used a couple of VGAs, CPUs, RAMs, Motherboards, Sound Cards, and games & game benchmarks in various frequencies, timings, etc.


What you get is... a 23 page article with some basic theory, ideas, and lots of test results.


If you're a gamer you REALLY NEED to read this, not tomorrow, NOW! ( don't worry, it won't disappear, you can read it tomorrow, and the day after that, and the next day :D )


So... grab a cup of coffee or your favorite energy drink, and read the article now by clicking... here :P


p.s. Yes, the link says Part 1, there will be a 2nd part, can't tell you when though ( because I don't know when it will be ready )

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